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Premium Bifold Door For Toilet Door in Singapore

Premium Bifold Door Singapore 

Read on and I promise that you will discover Singapore's most durable toilet door with over 3000 attractive design options. To make it better, this toilet door is now selling at unbeatable direct factory price.

Are you having a toilet door that is difficult to open? Are you having a toilet door that does not complement your home decor? Are you having a toilet door that spolit easily because you have playful young children at home?

If you are, then Ho Ho has a solution for you.

Premium Bifold Door will be your solution for all the problems. 

Why Is Premium Bifold Door The Most Durable Toilet Door in Singapore?

1) 5.5 times Thicker Aluminium Frame

Firstly, premium bifold door is made of high quality aluminium frame. The aluminium frame of premium bifold door is much thicker as compared to the standard bifold door. 

For instance, the top frame thickness of a standard bifold door is only 1 cm. While as, the top frame thickness of a premium bifold door is 5.5 cm, 5.5 times thicker.

The thicker top frame of premium bifold door allows room for a much better and heavy duty roller to be embedded in the frame system.

This ensure that even with rough usage, the roller of premium bifold door will be detached from the frame.

The aluminium frame of premium bifold door comes in 2 different colours:

  • White powder-coated aluminium frame

  • Black powder-coated aluminium frame

Standard Bifold Door For Toilet Door Frame Thickness

Standard Bifold Door Frame

(1 inch Thick)

Premium Bifold Door Frame Thickness

Premium Bifold Door Frame (5.5 cm Thick)

Most durable bifold door in Singapore
40,000 cycles tested proof for our top hung premium bifold door

2) 150,000 cycles tested heavy duty roller for premium bifold door & 200,000 cycles tested for top hung premium bifold

Secondly, premium bifold door uses the heavy duty roller instead of the usual plastic guide in standard bifold door. 

Our premium bifold doors have been put to test (PSB Endurance Test 150,000 and 200,000 cycles opening) and receive certification from PSB TUV SUD. The premium bifold roller is made with durable nylon material resistance up to 30 kg for long life performance. The inner bearing is made of brass silver plated with excellent resistance to corrosion. 

Who is PSB Singapore?

PSB Singapore is an established and internationally recognised testing body. TÜV SÜD PSB’s test reports and product certification marks are well accepted by manufacturers, third party buyers and government authorities worldwide.

How long it can last?

Based on survey, an average toilet door in Singapore is opened 13.7 times each day.

150,000 / 13.7 times opening each day / 365 days per year = 30 years

200,000 / 13.7 times opening each day / 365 days per year = 40 years

Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Classic Bifold Door Guide

Standard Bifold Door

Plastic Guide Roller

Premium Bifold Door Roller For Toilet Door Singapore

Premium Bifold Door

Heavy Duty Roller

Premium Bifold Door Top Hung Roller Spec

Top hung Premium Bifold Door

Heavy Duty Roller & Bottom Guide

Zinc lock set for premium bifold door singapore

3) Zinc Lock Set Instead of Plastic Lock Set

Thirdly, premium bifold door uses zinc alloy lock set instead of plastic lock set in standard bifold door.

Zinc alloys lock set provides significantly higher impact resistance as compared to plastic lock set. In addition, zinc alloys lock set also wears off slower than plastic lock set.

Premium Bifold Door Also Has Additional Features 

4) 2 in 1 Handle That Allow Humidity to Escape 

Premium bifold door's 2 in 1 handle allows humidity to escape the toilet and bathroom. Lower humidity in the toilet reduces the possibility of mold growth and occurrence of flaking plaster or paint on the wall. ​

Do note that our 2 in 1 handle is only available in our 4 panel premium bifold. 2 panel premium bifold door comes in standard handle as shown below. Hence it is highly recommended that you get the 4 panel premium bifold door.

Premium bifold door 2 in 1 handle
Premium bifold 2 in1 handle that allow humidity to escape
Bifold door handle for bathroom door Singapore

Premium Bifold Door ( 4 Panel Door) 

2 in 1 Handle 

Premium Bifold Door ( 2 Panel Door)

Standard Handle

5) 3 Hooks At The Back of The Door To Hang Towel Or Clothes

We understand that toilets in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller over the years. With smaller toilet, it is important to have ample storage space. Hence our engineers designed 3 hooks at the back of the premium bifold door for you to hang your towel or clothes.

Each hook is designed to withstand up to 5kg of weight.

Hook on premium bifold door
hook on toilet door singapore
Hook on bathroom door singapore

Premium Bifold Door Comes In Over 2000 Designs Scratch Resistance Panel

Premium bifold door is made of scratch resistance , high definition design panel instead of the normal acrylic panel in standard bifold door.

You now have a choice of 2000 designs for your toilet, bathroom, store room and kitchen entrance door now.

Every 3-6 months, we will launch a new series of premium bifold door design series.

For our premium bifold door designs, we have a wide range of colour: red, white, yellow, purple. You name it we have it.


For the design theme, we have various options for everyone in different age group and home decor preference:

  • marble design bifold 

  • floral design bifold door

  • natural theme bifold door

  • animals (cat, dog, bird) theme bifold door

  • wooden grain theme bifold door 

  • garden theme bifold door

  • art theme bifold door

  • carton theme bifold door

  • ocean theme bifold door

  • and many more other interesting theme.


Premium Bifold Door Catalogue Series 26 is the latest series launched in Dec 2021. 

We understand that looking through 26 PDF full of bifold door design can be daunting and take up a lot of your precious time so we have picked up the following best seller bifold door design for Singapore 2021.

These following designs cover different theme, I am sure you can find one that you love.

Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 Marble Design
Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 Green Tropical Design
Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 Awesome Colour Design
Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 Cute Carton Design
Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 European City Design
Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 Pink Colour Design
Premium Bifold Door Best Seller in 2020 Cooling Nature Design
floral bifold door design singapore
green leaf bifold door design singapore 2017
nature scenery bifold door design singapore
Calming picture bifold door design singapore
ocean theme premium bifold door designs singapore
garden theme bathroom door singapore
country side theme toilet door singapore
Black and white premium bifold door singapore
Chinese art biold door singapore
wooden grain premium bifold door singapore
latest bifold door design in Singapore 2017

Bifold Door is one of the most common toilet door mechanism used in Singapore. Hence most Singaporeans should know how bifold doors are opened.

However, for homeowner who have never used a bifold door before, the video before will show you how a premium bifold door is being opened and closed.

Opening of premium bifold door is very easily that even children can open it without much effort. 

Premium Bifold Door Opening

Premium Bifold Door Opening

Play Video

Price of Bifold Door (3 by 7 feet) With Installation
For Premium Bifold Door (Top Hung), the price will be $468

For Premium Bifold Door, the price will be $399.
If you want the same nice design for your bifold door but do not need such good quality roller, you can consider our designer bifold door. The price will designer bifold door will be $378. 

For enhanced bifold door, you can get them $299

Why Stop Here? 

Complement your premium bifold door with our other amazing product at unbeatable price!

Shower screen from $499
USA Rain Shower from $299
Iron Gate from $499
Wooden Door from $250
Digital Lock from $299
Window and Grille at Direct factory price 

Volume 24 Premium showerscreen Colourful
Rain shower set singapore clearance sales
Mild Steel Gate in Singapore With Shih Tzu
Schlage Digital Lock Bundle .jpg
black frame with mislite glass 2.JPG

Regardless if you are looking for toilet door or kitchen entrance door, we have the widest selection of material and mechanism for you to choose from.

Why should you choose Ho Ho?


1) We are HDB licence contractor so rest assured we will follow all HDB rules and regulation

2) Our toilet door and kitchen entrance door are not mass produced one size fit all product, we customized your toilet door to fit your sizes and design preference

3) We manufacture our toilet door so you can be assured that you are getting the cheapest door and you can buy spare parts for your toilet door after many years


So what are you waiting for?


Call us now @67479019 & 96319288 to speak with our friendly staffs and get a very attractive price!

You can also view our samples at our showroom or come visiting our manufacturing facilities. 

Factory that produce our amazing bifold door singapore and toilet door Singapore | Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation Works

Our Factory


Contact Number

67479019 & 96319288



51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace Singapore 416131

Feel free to visit our showroom located at level 2 in our 3 storey factory

Level 1 and 3 are our manufacturing facilities. 


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday :10 am - 5 pm 

Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm

Sunday & Public Holiday: Close 

(Do call us as we may have roadshow or exhibition on Sunday and Public Holiday) 

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