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Mild Steel Gate - Singapore 

Searching for top-quality mild steel gates in Singapore?


Interested in exploring the most recent designs for mild steel gates available in the city? Or are you on the lookout for a reputable manufacturer and supplier of mild steel gates to find affordable options for your HDB flat, condo or landed properties?

Congratulations, you've arrived at the right destination. As Singapore's foremost authority in mild steel gate manufacturing, we boast an unrivaled legacy dating back to our foundation in 1976. This year, we proudly celebrate our 48th anniversary, marking nearly half a century of excellence in the industry. For your peace of mind, we are both BCA registered and HDB licensed company.

Mild Steel Gate metal plate design manufactured by Ho Ho in Singapore

Our gates are crafted locally, utilizing premium-grade mild steel that surpasses the quality of imports from Malaysia. Furthermore, our gates receive a durable powder coating, a superior alternative to conventional spray painting, ensuring longevity and elegance for your home.

Ho Ho factory manufacturing mild steel gate in Singapore
Ho Ho worker cutting metal to size to fabricate mild steel gate in Singapore factory
Ho Ho workers wielding metal to fabricate mild steel gate in Singapore factory
Ho Ho worker grinding metal to fabricate mild steel gate in Singapore factory
Mild steel standard grille black powdercoated installed in Singapore Condo Balcony

In addition to our renowned mild steel gates, Ho Ho extends its expertise to crafting and installing premium mild steel grilles. Mild steel grille is superior compared to aluminium grille in term of security making it the perfect choice for window grille along the HDB common corridor or ground floor unit. 


Our selection includes the classic design and our innovative mild steel slim grille. Our mild steel grille can be made fixed or casement. We will recommend customer to opt for casement mild steel grille for easy maintainance. For the standard mild steel grille, you utilized 0.5 by 0.5 inch square bar. 

Our mild steel slim grille is constructed from solid 6 mm flat bars, offers a sleek, nearly invisible aesthetic without compromising functionality.


Contrary to the typical invisible grilles, our mild steel slim grille features an operable design, simplifying the task of window cleaning.


It boasts exceptional strength and resistance to bending, a stark contrast to the limitations of invisible grilles.


For an impeccable finish, we can powder coat your mild steel grille to match your window frames perfectly, creating a cohesive and elegant appearance. 

Mild steel slim grille casement installed along HDB common corridor white powdercoated colour

What Are The Mild Steel Gate Design Available in Singapore?

In Singapore, mild steel gate design is ever-changing. Thanks to the creative brain of designers, we have many different types of mild steel gate design available. 

In general, mild steel gate designs fall to 5 main categories: 

If you prefer a more classic and elegant design you also have wrought iron gate!

Elegant Rose Design Wrought Iron

Mild Steel Gate With Digital Lock Bundle Promotion Price 

Mild steel gate with Singgate Digital Lock Bundle Price.PNG
Mild steel gate with 2 singgate digital lock bundle pricing.PNG
Mild steel gate with main door and 2 singgate digital lock.PNG
Fengshui Mild Steel Gate
Fengshui Mild Steel Gate Singapore

Feng Shui Iron Gate Specially Designed For Singapore


HH 801 is the four blessing gate. The Four Blessings is defined by: Virtue, Longevity, Prosperity and Good Health. By including this symbol on your iron gate, it will enhance these four attributes in all areas of your life.


HH 802 is the infinity gate. The infinity symbol is also known as the eternal knot. This eternal knot is a symbol that is said to swallow its own tail, and symbolizes the eternal nature of wisdom and compassion.

HH 803 is the five blessing gate. Wufu (Chinese: 五福). The number five is regarded as an auspicious number in Chinese traditions and closely associated with the Five Elements (Wu Xing, Chinese: 五行). 《書·洪范》:"五福:一曰壽,二曰富,三曰康寧,四曰攸好德,五曰考终命。" The meaning of five blessings are health (壽), wealth (富), long life (康寧), Love of virtue (yu hao te 攸好德) and peaceful death (考終命) accordingly.

Simplicity Mild Steel Gate Design

Simplicity Mild Steel Gate Design

If you are a fan of mild steel gate with simple lines, design HH 56 and HH 57 will be your ideal mild steel gate. 

If you want to incorporate curve with straight line, HH 59 mild steel gate is perfect. HH 59 is actually a design we manufacture for our client who came from Australia. Even after looking at all the designs we have, she still feel her she love her old gate in Australia. 


Show us your photo and we can deliver the mild steel gate you have in mind. 

Mild Steel Gate Simplicity Design in Singapore
Pet Owner
latest mild steel gate design for cat owners in singapore
Mild Steel Gate For Pet Owners

Metal Plate Mild Steel Gate For Pet Owner 

If you have a pet dog or cat who loves to run out of the house the moment you open your wooden door, you might want to choose mild steel gate that will prevent that from happening.


The usual gap between the bar in the mild steel gate is 5 to 5+ inch, 12 to 15 cm.


To prevent your pet dog from escaping, the gap have to be reduce to 3+ inch, 7 to 8 cm for dog owner.  

Mild steel gate design HH 83 is specially designed for homeowner with pets at home. 3/4 height of the mild steel gate has a reduced gap of 3 inch. If you have a thinner cat, the gap can be reduce to 2 + inch. 

If you have a better design in mind, feel free to hit the drawing board or get your interior designer to create the unique gate design for your home. 

Mild Steel Gate Metal Plate Design HH 512
Mild Steel Gate Specially Designed For Dog Owner
Mild Steel Gate in Singapore With Shih Tzu Dog

If you have an active cat at home and you need a customised mild steel gate with 2+ inch gap for the full height of the gate, HH 512 will be ideal for you.

HH 301 has a bottom metal plate so that your curious dog will be sneak his cute little head out. 

Mild steel gate 2 inch gap for cat owner in singapore
Mild steel gate 2 inch gap for cat owner
Mild steel gate closed up for pet HH 517
Mild Steel Gate 2 inch gap HH 526.png
Pet Laser Cut Design

If you like to have your pet laser cut onto your mild steel gate, we have a full range of design for you. Among them, the best seller will be HH 100 featuring the playful Shih Tzu, the most popular dog breed in Singapore.

For cat lovers, the elegant resting cat design gate, HH 77 will be perfect for you. 

HH101 and HH102 mild steel gate design featuring the playful Jack Russell Terrie. HH 103 and HH104 mild steel gate design featuring the lively Jack Russell. HH105 and HH106 mild steel gate featuring the elegant Maltese. 

mild steel gate with dog silhouette.JPG
Mild steel gate with laser cut dog design
mild steel gate with dog design.jpg
Laser Cut Dog Mild Steel Gate.jpg
Mild steel gate with laser cut dog desig
mild steel gate with cat silhouette.JPG
mild steel gate with cat silhouette 2.JP
Metal Plate Mild Steel Gate Design

Metal Plate Mild Steel Gate Design

In the past, mild steel gate in old HDB estate has a metal plate in the middle. To refresh your memory, here is how the oldest mild steel gate design in Singapore looks like. The metal plate serves a very practical function, it can be used to cover the key hole of your wooden door so playful children will have a harder time sticking chewy gum into your key hole when you make them angry.


By having a metal plate on your gate, it can also conceal your wooden door keys if you forget to keep your keys when you are locking your gate. 

Today, metal plate mild steel gate designs have evolved tremendously. Having metal plate incorporate to mild steel gate bring the design into a new height. 

Designers use metal plate of different thickness to create new design by varying the gaps between them. 

With the rising trend of digital lock, some owners use metal plate in mild steel gate to protect their digital lock from any potential damage. 

Original HDB mild steel gate
metal plate mild steel gate design avail

It is very important to have your unit number on your mild steel gate. 

There are two ways to incorporate unit number on your mild steel gate:

a) adding a metal plate on the top right or left hand corner and paste a golden plastic number on it as shown in HH 48, HH 49 and HH 50

b) laser cutting the unit number on the middle metal plate of the mild steel gate 

Mild Steel gate with metal plate design
mild steel gate HH530.PNG
Mild Steel Gate single panel H521.png

If your size is 3 by 7 feet, it is possible to make your mild steel gate into a single panel gate design like HH 515 and HH 521 to maximize your opening. If you have any design in mind, you can simply draw it for us and we will make it for you. Our mild steel metal plates comes in different size - 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 till 4 inch. 

Any design of 3 by 7 feet gate can be done in single panel or double panel.

Mild Steel Gate HH 518.png
Nut Brown Mild Steel Gate Design HH519.png
Mild Steel Gate HH520.png
Mild Steel Gate HH 527.png
Mild Steel Gate Design with full metal plateHH524.png

For shop house, we can make a full metal plate gate for maximum security and privacy.

If you have any special design in mind, you can send us your drawing via email or whatapps and we will make the gate for you.

One of our talented owner show us his design. After some discussion and modification, our team manufacture a gate that the owner love so much. The end product (HH516) is simply amazing. 

So don't wait, just send us your drawing and be the first owner of the unique mild steel gate.

Mild steel gate shooting star design HH 516
Mild Steel Gate Trendy Design HH511.png
Trendy Mild Steel Gate Design
Wording Mild Steel Gate Design
trendy mild steel gate 2-min.JPG

Trendy Mild Steel Gate Design 

One of the latest trend of mild steel gate incorporate geometric shape like square, diamond and rectangle into the design.

Among these trendy mild steel gate design, HH 63 and HH65 are the best seller in Singapore.

HH 66 is ideal if you want to keep your pets inside the house and the stray cats outside. 

For retro looking design, HH 525 scissor mild steel gate will be perfect for you. 

Trendy Mild Steel Gate Design in Matt Black Colour
trendy mild steel gate-min.JPG
Trendy Mild Steel Gate Design in Stainless Steel Lock
Trendy Mild Steel Gate Design HH66
Mild Steel Gate Design HH523.png
Retro Design Mild Steel Gate HH 525.png
Mild steel gate metal plate curve design in singapore

Wording Mild Steel Gate Design 

Do you want your guest to be greeted before you open your door or for your loved one to feel welcome when they enter home, install one of these wording mild steel gate at your home. We can also laser cut your family name on the mild steel gate for you on your request.  

wording mild steel gate singapore.JPG
Wire Mesh Mild Steel Gate Design

Wire Mesh Mild Steel Gate Design 

The latest type of mild steel gate in Singapore are the mild steel gate that incorporate wire mesh to it. If you shop around in the shopping mall, it will be easy for you to spot cafe or restaurant that have incorporate the trendy element of wire mesh into their design. 

Designers also want to include the wire mesh element into other aspect of the home decor like cabinet. 

Beside the modern element, wire mesh mild steel gate is the utlimate gate for pet owner. No matter how tall your cat or dog can jump, they will be able to escape the wire mesh gate. 

In Singapore, the wire mesh used comes in two different sizes:

  • 10 by 22 mm (most commonly used in wire mesh gate)

  • 20 by 50 mm 

wire mesh railing used in cafe.jpg
wire mesh cabinet.jpg
wire mesh.jpg
wire mesh mild steel gate.JPG
Mild Steel Wire Mesh Gate HH 528.png
Mild Steel Gate Wire Mesh Design HH 529.

Mild Steel Gate Price in Singapore

After looking at all the nice mild steel gate design, you must be wondering how much each mild steel gate cost?

For HDB iron gate, there are 2 sizes in the market.

If your wooden door is a single panel for older HDB, your size will be 3 by 7 feet, hence your mild steel gate will cost $499 onwards depend on the designs. You can refer to the table below for exact pricing of our mild gate. 

If your wooden door is one small and one big panel, your size will be 4 by 7 feet, hence your iron gate will cost $599 onwards depend on the designs.

Our price include powder-coating, stainless steel lock set, dismantle, installation and 1 year warranty.

If your mild steel gate is not the following dimension, do call us to check the pricing. For condo or landed properties, please provide us with your size so we can quote you accordingly.

Mild Steel Gate Colour

All our mild steel gate is powder-coated to the colour of your liking. The most seller colour for mild steel in Singapore is Matt Black follow by Gloss Black, Traffic Grey and Nut Brown. 

The powder-coated colour chart for our mild steel gate is shown beside. You can choose your desire colour for your mild steel gate and we will fabricate it for you.

For condo home owner, we do customised mild steel gate based on your MCST required design and colour so feel free to call us @67479019 or whatapps us @96319288 for more information. 

mild steel gate singapore colour chart 1
mild steel gate singapore colour chart 2
Trendy Mild Steel Driveway Gate in Singapore'.png

Regardless if you are what type of mild steel gate or iron gate, you will have the design and the best price for you. 

Why should you choose Ho Ho?


1) We are HDB licence contractor so rest assured we will follow all HDB rules and regulation

2) Our mild steel gate are not mass produced one size fit all product, we customized your mild steel gate to fit your sizes and design preference

3) We manufacture our mild steel gate so you can be assured that you are getting the cheapest gate  and you can buy spare parts for your gate after many years


So what are you waiting for?


Call us now @67479019 & 96319288 to speak with our friendly staffs and get a very attractive price!

You can also view our samples at our showroom.

Contact Us

Showroom Address:

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Operating Hours

Mon to Fri : 10 to 4.30pm

Sat: 10 to 2pm

Sun & Public Holiday: Closed

(Do call us to see if there is any exhibition ongoing)

Tel: 67479019

Whatapps: 96319288


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