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HDB Window Repair Service in Singapore 

We are HDB approved window contractor for HDB sliding and casment window repair

Are you looking to ensure that your sliding windows meet the HDB requirement? 

Are you looking for sliding window  spare parts? 

If you are, you have landed at the correct page. At Ho Ho, we provide HDB window repair service at a cheap price.

Established since 1976, we are a HDB licensed contractor and BCA registered contractor. Hence we are aware of the HDB regulation, have the properly trained staffs and know the necessary documentation needed by HDB.

Due to Covid 19, we do not have manpower to do retrofitting for casement window now. 

No matter, if you are looking for a simple window repair for your HDB window or wanting to get your window up to HDB standard so you can sell your flat, we are at your service.

We offer quick, professional remedy to your urgent window repair needs in Singapore. 

Read on and we will provide you with all the essential information on HDB window maintenance, HDB window repair tips, HDB window repair price in Singapore 

HDB Sliding Window Repair In Singapore

HDB Sliding Window Repair in Singapre
Install angle strips for HDB sliding window in Singapore
Install safety stopper at HDB Sliding Window in Singapore

Are you at the midst of selling your HDB flat and the HDB officer inform you that your sliding windows do not have the safety stopper and angle strips? 

If you are, we provide a quick and cheap service to retrofit these safety stopper and angle strips to your existing HDB sliding window. 

As a HDB licensed contractor and BCA registered contractor, our workers have the necessary skills and training to ensure that all your HDB sliding window meet the window requirement of HDB. 

After the the retrofitting services, we will issue the window certification Form B1 at no additional cost so you can proceed to sell your flat. 

Call us today and choose Ho Ho as your HDB approved contractor for your sliding window for a quick and hassle free flat selling process. 

HDB Sliding Window Angle Strip and Safety Stopper

Our HDB Licence Details:

H.D.B Licence: HB-02-0677-D

Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation Works

Establish Since 1976

Click here to view our HDB licence details

HDB Sliding Window Repair Pricing in Singapore

If you are wondering how much is the price for HDB Sliding Window, the price list for HDB Sliding Window is as follow:

2 to 4 panels of HDB Sliding Window Repair Price: $280

5 to 9 panels of HDB Sliding Window Repair Price: $380 

10 to 15 panels of HDB Sliding Window Repair Price: $40 per panel  

More than 15 panels of HDB Sliding Window Repair Price: $30 per panel  

Price include retrofitting of safety stopper and angle strips onto HDB sliding window and window inspection.

Cheap price for HDB sliding window repair in Singapore

How to proceed to engage us?

Step 1) Call us at 67479019 or Whatapps us at 96319288

Step 2) Inform us whether you have sliding or casement window?

Step 3) Inform us how many panels of HDB sliding or HDB casement window panels you have?

Step 4) Tell us what is your full address and contact number?

Step 5) We will arrange our foreman to your house within 2 to 5 working days

HDB Casement Window Handle Replacement | HDB Sliding Window Handle Replacement

Changing of casement window handle in Singapore

As there are many different types of HDB casment window handles and HDB sliding window lock in the market, kindly take a photo and

whatapps us at 96319288 or

email us at

HDB Window Maintenance Tip in Singapore 

HDB window maintanance in Singapore

In all homes, windows are essential to provide us with ventilation and light. However, due to constant exposire to the weather element, it is only normal that the aluminium windows are our home will deteriorate over time due to wear and tear. Hence regular maintenance of aluminium window is necessary to ensure the safety of our fellow Singaporeans walking over our flat. 

As a HDB flat owner, you are responsible for the maintenance of the aluminium windows in your home. It is recommended by HDB that all home owners check their window twice a year. Every year, 6th of June and 12th of Dec, HDB highly recommend us to check our window in order to avoid the cases of fallen windows that will endanger the lives of others.  

As fallen window can endanger public safety, homeowner may face a fine of up to $10,000 and/or a jail term up to a year if window in your home falls. 

So wait no further, be a responsible members of the community by checking your windows twice a year and make Singapore a safer place to live in for you, your family members and your fellow Singaporeans and residents. 

Contact Us

Showroom Address:

194 Pandan Loop #07-07 Singapore 128383

Operating Hours

Mon to Fri : 10 to 4.30pm

Sat: 10 to 2pm

Sun & Public Holiday: Closed

(Do call us to see if there is any exhibition ongoing)

Tel: 67479019

Whatapps: 96319288


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