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Aluminium Window in Singapore

Modern White Sliding Window in Singapore

When we are renovating our homes, we usually play a lot of attention on our sofa, bed, kitchen cabinets. We are generally willing to spend money on these items as we feel that it will is very crucial in setting the tone of our home renovation.


However, most homeowner in Singapore tend to overlook one of the very important element in our home decor - The aluminum glass window in your HDB flat. 

What are the different types of aluminium window available in Singapore? 

There are basically 6 types of aluminium glass window in Singapore

a) sliding window

b) casement window

c) fix lourve window

d) adjustable lourve window (corridor or toilet window)

e) combination window

f) top hung window (toilet window)

h) slide and swing window 

i) sound proof window

Each type of window has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your usage and the location of the glass window, we will recommend different types of glass window.


Aluminium glass window installed in the living room of HDB BTO flat is an example of combination window. The window is made of 3 component; the top is top hung window, middle portion is a casement window and fixed panel for the bottom portion.  

The top hung window is to provide ventilation during raining days and the bottom part of fixed panel is to provide safety for your family member. 

HDB BTO Living Room full height glass window
As recommended by Best in Singapore

What types of window should I install for my HDB corridor unit?

Traditionally, adjustable or fix lourve window is installed at HDB corridor unit. This is because back in the days, families do not have air conditioner in the living room. Hence lourve window provide the most ventilation and privacy for the home owner. 

However, installing lourve window for your HDB corridor unit may not be ideal as lourve window provides the least sound insulation. In addition, if there is a nasty neighbour who smokes along your corridor, it will be a really terrible experience for you and your family member.

Hence installing sliding window for your living or bedroom along the corridor is more ideal. 

Old HDB flat aluminium lourve window

Types of Aluminum Sliding Window in Singapore

There are 3 types of sliding window you can install for your HDB corridor unit:

a) standard sliding window

b) sliding window with top hung (provides ventilation) 

c) 2 section sliding window (provides more ventilation and privacy)

d) sliding window with adjustable lourve

In term of the cost, the cost for the standard sliding window is the cheapest follow by the sliding window with top hung and lastly the 2 section sliding window. 

Sliding Window

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Standard Sliding Window Along HDB Corridor in Singapore

  • Pros: Cheapest in term of pricing and least cleaning required 

  • Con: Less privacy as passer-by can look into the unit when the window is opened

# For privacy reason, most home owner will select frosted or tinted glass for their sliding window along the HDB corridor. Getting a clear glass sliding window along the corridor will required a curtain or blind to be installed for your privacy. 

2 panel sliding window along HDB corridor silver frame with mislite privacy glass in HDB Singapore
Aluminum Sliding Window - 2 panel white
black frame with mislite glass 2.JPG
Aluminum Sliding Window - Silver colour
3 panel sliding window along corridor black frame with mislite glass installed in HDB Singapore
Auminum Sliding Window - Black Frame Wit
4 panel sliding window installed along HDB corridor Singapore black frame with frosted glass
Black Frame Aluminum Sliding Window With

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Sliding Window With Top Hung Along HDB Corridor in Singapore

  • Pros: Top hung window provide ventilation and owner can get more privacy by closing the bottom sliding window

  • Cons: Top hung handle might be difficult to reach because of the height and top hung hinges required maintenance

# It is important for homeowner to note that even though you may want to leave your top hung window permanently open, it is important to open and close the top hung once in a while so that the hinges will last longer. Like any other things, if something is not in use for a long time, it will be faculty. 

Black Sliding Window With Top Hung-min.j
bronze frame with mislite glass.JPG

Advantages and Disadvantages Of 2 Section Sliding Window Along HDB Corridor in Singapore

  • Pros: Owner can get more privacy and ventilation by closing the bottom sliding window while leaving the top sliding window open, homeowner can easily slide open the top sliding window too

  • Cons: It is the more costly type of sliding window as it require the material and labour hour

# Note: the top and bottom section must be equal in size or the top sliding window must be smaller in size in order to ensure that the bottom sliding window does not bear any weight it cannot withstand that will compromise on the durability of the sliding window

# For 2 section sliding window, HDB homeowner can also select different glass for the 2 section. The bottom section of the sliding window is usually privacy glass but the top section can be clear or light colour glass like blue colour. 

double section sliding window installed
Aluminum Sliding Window with 2 different
2 section sliding window for corridor-mi
corrdior window.JPG
3 panel sliding window bronze frame with
2 section sliding window white frame wit
double section sliding window white frame with mislite glass 2.jpg
double section sliding window white frame with mislite glass.jpg
Adjustable Window

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Sliding Window Adjustable Lourve Along HDB Corridor in Singapore

  • Pros: Owner can get most privacy and ventilation by closing the bottom sliding window while leaving top lourve open

  • Cons: It is the most costly type of sliding window as it require the material and labour hour

Aluminum Sliding Window With Adjustable
Aluminium Sliding Window With Adjustable

Sliding Window Installed At HDB BTO Service Yard

  • Due to the laundry system HDB provide, only sliding window can be installed at the service of BTO flat

  • For new BTO flat, home owners are required to follow the provided colour scheme of the frame and glass colour to maintain an uniform outer facade of the new BTO flat

# the frame and glass colour of the service yard window will be the same as the ones used in the living and bedroom window HDB has provided. 

  • Most home owners will choose to have a 3 panel sliding window installed at their HDB BTO flat as it provide the most ventilation (2/3 opening)

  • 4 panel sliding window may look more balanced but provide less ventilation and make it difficult for you to hang large piece of laundry outside the window.  4 panel sliding with 2 track only provide 50% opening when the sliding window is fully opened.

service yard window silver frame clear g
service yard window with clear glass.JPG
service yard 4 panel sliding window.JPG
service yard window and grille all slide

Aluminum Sliding Window Installed At Bedroom, Living Room And Kitchen Too

2 panel sliding window.jpg
3 panel sliding window.jpg
white frame with blue glass.JPG
Aluminum Sliding Window With Top Hung -
Aluminum Sliding Window at Living room -
4 panel sliding window 2.jpg
L shaped Aluminum Sliding Window at HDB
2 panel sliding window.JPG

Aluminum Sliding Window Installed At Balcony & Court Yard

6 panel window.JPG
after window installation.JPG
window at ground level.JPG
Aluminum Sliding Window - Silver Frame W
3 panel window slide to one side.JPG

We customised all sliding window in our local factory in Singapore located at Kaki Bukit

  • sliding window comes in 2 to 6 panel, 6 panel is the maximum number of panel in one set of sliding window

  • sliding window comes in 2 or 3 track, 3 panel with 3 track and 6 panel with 3 track offers the most ventilation

  • HDB require the width of the window to be within 500 mm to 1200 mm

  • the recommended width of the sliding window panel should be less than 1000 mm to ensure the the roller of the sliding window do not bear any excessive weight hence lengthening the lifespan of the sliding window

  • we will apply all the neccessary HDB permit for your window installation for you and no additional cost

  • you can customised the frame and glass colour of your window

# there is 4 standard frame colour and 8 types of glasses for your window panel. For private apartment or condo, we also powder-coated the window frame to the colour required by your management at an additional cost. 

Window Frame and Glass Colour Selection 

Aluminium Frame Colour 
Colours of aluminium frame available for aluminium sliding door in Singapore
clear glass for kitchen sliding door singapore
blue tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
light tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
dark tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
green tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
mislite glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
tea tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
nashiji glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
Casement Window

Three most important requirements for newly installed casement window in HDB flat:

1) Casement aluminium window cannot be installed along the common corridor or units located at level 1 as the casement window may hit someone outside during opening

2) HDB requires the width of the casement window to be between 500 mm to 700 mm

3) Friction stay used in casement window must be stainless steel grade 304 with a minimum thickness not less than 2.50 mm and the length not less than 1/2 width of window leaf

For more information, you can read the full requirement of the casement window on the HDB website

One of the most common problem with old HDB's casement window installed is that they are too wide and exceed the new requirement of 700 mm. It is ideal to have the width of the casement window to be 700 mm or less as your friction stay will be more lasting due to less weight loading. 

HDB new casement window that fits the 700 mm width requirement
HDB's Old Casement Window That Is Too Wide
HDB safety requirement for casement wind
Combination Window

Casement Window Installed in Bedroom in Singapore

2 panel casement window in Singapore master room
3 panel white frame with blue glass casement window at bedroom in Singapore HDB flat
2 panel casement window 3.jpg
2 panel casement window closed.jpg
3 panel casement window white frame.jpg
3 panel casement window.jpg
4 panel casement window 5.jpg
4 panel casement window 4.jpg

Casement window in HDB bedroom comes in either 2 to 6 panels. 


Casement window can come either with or without middle bar like the two photo above.


Most casement windows now do not comes with the middle bar for better view.For casement window without middle bar, you will have to latch if you have to close one panel and open one panel. 


However, for sound proof window, casement window needs to have middle bar for better sound insulation.    

4 panel casement window.jpg
4 panel casement window with mislite glass.jpg
4 panel black frame clear glass casement window without middle bar in Singapore HDB flat
4 panel casement window 6.jpg
4 panel casement window 1.jpg
4 panel white frame casement window with dark tinted glass with middle bar in Singapore HDB flat bedroom
5 panel casement window.jpg

Casement Window Installed in Kitchen in Singapore

3 panel casement window installed at kitchen singapore HDB flat, silver frame with clear glass
5 panel casement window installed at singapore hdb kitchen white frame with clear glass
4 panel casement window white frame and clear glass at kitchen
L shaped casement window at kitchen in Singapore

Even though sliding window is easier to maintain as there is no friction stay. Casement window is usually installed in kitchen as casement window provides a wider opening.

For example, 4 panel casement window offers full opening with only 1 middle bar. However for 4 panel sliding window, the opening is only 50%. Hence for homeowner who have 4 panel window and need to hang laundry outside the window, I will recommend casement window for their kitchen.

However, if your kitchen window is only 3 panel. Most homeowners will select 3 panel sliding window with 3 track as the opening 67%. For 3 panel casement window, there will be 1 middle bar. 

For L shaped kitchen window, you can choose the direction of opening to maximize the ventilation. 


Window in kitchen is usually covered with tiles. Hence it is recommended that you change the window in kitchen during renovation. For kitchen window installation during renovation, kitchen window must be dismantled and installed before tiling to avoid the tiling from cracking.

If you are replacing your kitchen window without doing tiling at your kitchen area, our window installers will be careful during dismantling process. However, due to the tiling method and the age of the tiles, surrounding tiles may be affected. Our window installer will patch up any affected tiles with cement. If tiling work is required, homeowner will have to engage their own tiler.

Casement Window Installed in Air Con Ledge & Balcony

Air con ledge casement window in Singapore HDB
L shaped casement window bronze frame in HDB balcony
6 panel casement window bronze frame with tea colour glass in Singapore HDB balcony

The frame and the glass colour of the casement window will significantly affect the look of the house. 


For brighter look, white frame casement window is highly recommended. Bronze frame casement window is very lasting but will make your window looks much darker. Hence if you do not have any west facing sun, you should always pair bronze frame casement window with clear, blue or glass glass for your house to look brighter.  

Casement Window With Fixed Panel For Private Properties (Condo & Landed) 

2 panel casement window with bottom fixed panel
Casement window in landed properties Singapore with side and bottom fixed panel
Picture Window For Good View With Casement window at the side
Picture Window For Good View With Casement window at the side

If your wall below your window is less than 1 metre, it is advisable to have a fixed panel below your window for safety purpose especially if you are not planning to install window grille. To be safe, for fixed panel below, it has to be laminated or tempered glass. 

For HDB, fixed panel is generally not approved. For more details, you may contact your respective HDB officer. 

Homeowners may also consider fixed panel in the middle if you have a very nice view outside your window. However, this will significantly reduce your ventilation as only the side window can be opened. If you want the nice view but still be able to fully open the window. You may want to consider our slide and swing window

However, having combination window with casement window + fixed panel is definitely cheaper than slide and swing window.

Beauty World Condo Slide and Swing Window Singapore- Black frame with tinted glass fully open.jpg
Fixed Panel
Window For HDB Maisonette Balcony

Window For HDB Maisonette Balcony 

For HDB Maisonette balcony, the window is very tall. Hence homeowner can either choose to install window below and install blind above or install window for the whole height.

To install window for the full height, scaffolding is required hence the costing for installing HDB Masionette Balcony Window can be quite costly. Moreover, installing window at this height requires very skilled workers who are not afraid of height hence they are generally well compensated.  

Top Hung Wndow

Toilet / Bathroom Window For HDB & Private Properties

White Adjustable Window in Singapore Toilet
Condo Top Hung Window In Singapore
Top hung window in Singapore Toilet With Exisiting Frame Intact As Old Toilet Tiles
2 panel top hung window in singapore Toilet

For bathroom window, you can either choose fix lourve, adjustable lourve or top hung window. 

Fixed lourve window is not recommended as it cannot be closed when needed and it is the oldest type of mechanism. 

Adjustable lourve is optimal if you want the bathroom window with the most ventilation.

However, the latest type of toilet window is top hung window. 

For HDB toilet window, wire meshed glass or laminated glass is required for safety. However, wire meshed glass is usually used as default. For laminated glass, you will need to top up for the cost difference but it will look better. 

Window in toilet is usually covered with tiles. Hence it is recommended that you change the window in toilet during renovation. For toilet window installation during renovation, toilet window must be dismantled and installed before tiling to avoid the tiling from cracking.

If you are replacing your toilet window without doing tiling at your toilet area, we will recommend you to retain the outer frame and have the new toilet window installed inside the old outer frame to avoid the tiles from cracking.

Regardless where you will install your aluminum window, we have the widest selection of material and mechanism for you to choose from.

Why should you choose Ho Ho?


1) We are HDB licence contractor so rest assured we will follow all HDB rules and regulation

3) We manufacture our window so you can be assured that you are getting the cheapest price at the best quality

3) If you need any spare part or servicing in the future, you can always engage us at a discounted price 


So what are you waiting for?


Call us now @67479019 & 96319288 to speak with our friendly staffs and get a very attractive price!

You can also view our samples at our showroom. 

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