Wooden Door (Room & Main Door)

Laminate & Veneer & Nyatoh & Classic Door

There are 4 different categories of wooden door in the market.

a) Laminated Door

b) Veneer Door

c) Solid (Nyatoh) Door

d) Classic Door

1) Supreme Laminated Door

Laminated Door is the latest addition in the market. It has a solid core and a very durable surface. Laminated door's surface is scratch resistance and odour free unlike veneer door. Hence laminated door is perfect in household with young children and pets. Laminated door is the pricey due to its high material cost


Why Buy Laminated Door?

1.Scratch resistance surface – Perfect for parents with young child and pet owner

2.Odour free – No painting, varnishing or lacquering  involved

3.Maintenance free – No future touch up work needed

4.Good sound insulation – Solid core cut down sound transmission

5.Latest material & Trend – Update your house with the best in the market

# Since 2016, all new built HDB BTO flat is using laminated door. As compared to room door given by HDB, our supreme laminated door is 100% solid core and full laminated on all sides. 



Laminated Room Door (Solid Core)
USUAL: $480

NOW:   $319 NET  (While stock last)


20 Laminated Door Options For Your Selection

# Stainless Steel Hinges & Magnetic Stopper Included

# Comes with standard round lock.

# Min of 2 door in the same address. 

# Levered lock additional $35 per door



Laminated Main Door (Solid Core)
USUAL: $880

NOW:   $599 NET (While stock last)


# Stainless Steel Hinges & Magnetic Stopper 

# Lock Set, Peephole Included

LD 4. Metallic Black Laminate Door 

LD 1. Rustic Vanilla   Laminated Door 

LD 2. Copper Teak       Laminated Door 

LD 5. Bronze Zebrano  Laminate Door 

LD 3.  Rustic Chestnut 

Laminated Door 

LD 6. Charcoal Zebrano   Laminate Door 

LD 7.  Walnut Oak Laminate Door 

LD 8.  Almond Pine   Laminate Door 

LD 9. Charcoal Black     Laminate Door 

LD 10. Ivory Sen    Laminate Door 

LD 11. Grey Rock   Laminated Door 

LD 12. Maple White Laminate Door 

LD 13.  Rustic Khaki  Laminate Door 

LD 14. Marble White Laminate Door 

LD 15. Pearl White Laminate Door 

 Main Door     Standard Lock Set 

Room Door Designer Lock SKL 17 Black

     Main Door        Designer Lock Set 

 Room Door Designer Lock SKL 18 Black

Room Door Standard Lock Set 

  Room Door Designer Lock SKL 17

Room Door Designer Lock SKL 18

Room Door Designer Lock SKL 12251

Magnetic Stopper

2) Veneer Door

Are you looking for the latest doors solution for your room?
Are you looking for door with stylish design like the condo show flat or CBD office you just visit?
If all two answers are YES, then Veneer Door is the perfect choice for you. 


In term of the door core, veneer door comes in hollow, semi-solid and solid core. Our company only sells semi-solid and solid core as hollow core is really too inferior in term of quality.


As compared to laminated door, veneer door has alot more design to choose from. However, unlike laminated door, veneer door's surface can be scratch and need to be lacquered. In term of price, veneer door is cheaper than laminated door. However, with our ongoing attractive promotion for laminated door. The price gap is slim.

3) Solid (Nyatoh) Door

Are you looking for durable door that can last for over a decade for your room?
Are you looking for door that give good sound isolation? 
If all two answers are YES, then Solid Door is the perfect choice for you. 

The upside of solid (nyatoh) door is that solid door is made up of solid piece of wood joint together, hence in term of sound insulation, solid door is the best among all. Solid door is also the heaviest of all the 4 category. The downside of solid door is that its designs are moulded in and gives with a classic country look. Thus, you may not want to consider it if you are having a modern home decor theme.

4) Classic Door (Hollow)

Are you looking for elegant and timeless door for your room? 

Classic door is hollow and painted in different colours. Classic door is a budget friendly option but inferior in term of durability and sound insulation.

Our fire rated door comes with the HDB permit as required by HDB. Beware alot of wooden door companies do not provide the necessary HDB permit required. Buying from a fire rated door without HDB permit is against the HDB regulation.


Click Here For More Information on HDB rules and regulation on Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Main Door

Fire rated door comes in standard varnish finishing, veneer finishing and laminated finishing

1) Is the price of room and main door the same?

No, price of room and main wooden door is different due to the different thickness.


2) Can I install classic door and solid door for my new BTO flat?

No. For BTO flat built after 2009, the door width is wider hence standard classic door and solid door cannot fit. Custom made classic and solid wooden door are costly and are not worth while. Hence, BTO flat homeowner should consider veneer or laminated door for their room door.


3) Do I need a fire rated door?

HDB does not require you to install a fire -rated door for your internal room door. For main door, if your existing door is a fire-rated door or your unit is near lift or stairs, you have to install a fire rated door. Typically, if your unit is the first unit from the nearest lift or stairs, you need to get a 1/2 hour fire-rated main door. For more detail information, please click here to read more about fire rated door | Singapore.


Fire-rated door

According to HDB regulation, all fire rated door has to come with HDB permit. There are many local wooden door companies offering fire-rated door without a HDB permit. Beware that homeowner will be penalised if no HDB permit is applied.