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SIGMA Designer Rain Shower Set & Shower Panel (Singapore)
Proudly Design in USA

Embodiment a perfect shower experience


Do you want to experience a luxurious, tailor-made shower back at home?

Are you looking for a cheap and high quality rain shower set under $300?


You might think this sounds too good to be true but with a SIGMA shower system, your dream is about to come through. Install one of our SIGMA rain shower set and experience it first hand for yourself.

Rain shower set singapore strong water pressure
Rain Shower Set Black Colour Singapore

Clearance Sale | Sigma Designer Rain Shower  

Usual: $599

Now: $399 (Net) 

Installation & 1 year on site warranty 

Limited sets, Order while stock lasts. Call us now at 67479019

Visit us at our show room 

Seeing is believing!!!

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy our SIGMA Rain Shower Set Now?

(A) Strong water pressure (even with instant heater at Singapore HDB flat)


There is a common myth that rain shower set cannot be supported by a instant heater or that Singapore HDB flat water pressure is not strong enough.

With our specially designed Sigma Rain Shower Set, we are able to overcome it with advanced American Engineering. You can experience strong water pressure even with your normal instant heater as seen in the picture below.

(B) American Stylish Modern Design (Design in USA)

To suit your home décor, our team of creative designers comes up with hundreds of design prototypes every year. Through focus group and market survey, we launch only the best of our rain shower set.

(C) Lowest Price For the Highest Quality

Being the sole agent and selling online with a direct platform, we can guarantee you that there will be no middle man. You will be getting the highest quality product at a fraction of the price that our competitor are selling. If you think you product is not inferior because it is cheap, you are very wrong. Our rain shower set is cheap because you believe that everyone deserve a relaxing shower after a long day of work so we eliminate all the retail channel middlemen and choose to sell to you directly.

We do not advertise on TV or social media because we trust that our quality product is our best advertising. We take our price cheap so everyone can enjoy it.

(D) Durable & Long Lasting

Sigma rain shower body is made of aluminum that will not rust or corrode even in high heat and humidity condition. 

(E) Free installation & 1 year full on site warranty

The best product has to be installed by the most skilled tradesman to deliver the perfect showering experience. When you buy our SIGMA rain shower, you are guarantee to receive the best installation and after sales service. With our comprehensive spare part inventory, you will enjoy your SIGNMA rain shower for many years to come.

Sigma Prestige (Matt Black)

High quality black rain shower set singapore

Sigma Prestige (Stylish Silver)

high quality silver rain shower set singapore

Sigma Prestige (Pearl White)

High quality white rain shower set singapore

Contact Us

Showroom Address:

194 Pandan Loop #07-07 Singapore 128383

Operating Hours

Mon to Fri : 10 to 4.30pm

Sat: 10 to 2pm

Sun & Public Holiday: Closed

(Do call us to see if there is any exhibition ongoing)

Tel: 67479019

Whatapps: 96319288


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