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Wrought Iron Gate & Mild Steel Gate Singapore - HDB & Condo & Landed 

Wrought Iron Gate 2020.png

Are you looking for a new door gate for your HDB flat, Condo or Landed Properties?

Are you looking for direct factory price cheap iron gate in Singapore? 

If so, you have landed on the right page. At Ho Ho, you can get the widest selection of door gate at direct factory price. Ho Ho was established in 1976 by our founders and have grown over 40 years to a full fledged factory selling all types of toilet doors, wooden door, gate, grille, window and more.

In this page, I will be addressing each of the common questions about HDB iron gate that customers ask us over the phone and email. If you still have further questions about door gate, feel free to call or email us. 

2022 Iron Gate & Main Door Bundle Price 

Mild steel gate with Singgate Digital Lock Bundle Price.PNG

If you buy your mild steel gate or wrought iron gate together with our digital lock, you can enjoy bundle pricing.

For mild steel gate + gate digital lock $998 for 3 by 7 feet


For mild steel gate + gate digital lock $1098 for 4 by 7 feet 

For mild steel gate + 2 digital lock $1498 for 3 by 7 feet(include free unit number)

For mild steel gate + 2 digital lock $1598 for 3 by 7 feet(include free unit number)

For mild steel gate + solid laminated main door + 2 digital lock $2088 (include free unit number)

Mild steel gate with 2 singgate digital lock bundle pricing.PNG
Mild steel gate with main door and 2 singgate digital lock.PNG
Fengshui Mild Steel Gate Singapore.PNG

Feng Shui Iron Gate Specially Designed For Singapore


HH 801 is the four blessing gate. The Four Blessings is defined by: Virtue, Longevity, Prosperity and Good Health. By including this symbol on your iron gate, it will enhance these four attributes in all areas of your life.


HH 802 is the infinity gate. The infinity symbol is also known as the eternal knot. This eternal knot is a symbol that is said to swallow its own tail, and symbolizes the eternal nature of wisdom and compassion.


HH 803 is the five blessing gate. Wufu (Chinese: 五福). The number five is regarded as an auspicious number in Chinese traditions and closely associated with the Five Elements (Wu Xing, Chinese: 五行). 《書·洪范》:"五福:一曰壽,二曰富,三曰康寧,四曰攸好德,五曰考终命。" The meaning of five blessings are health (壽), wealth (富), long life (康寧), Love of virtue (yu hao te 攸好德) and peaceful death (考終命) accordingly.

Question 2: What types of HDB and Condo door gate do you sell?

In total, we sell 4 different types of door gate for HDB & Condo

a) wrought iron gate

b) mild steel gate 

c) aluminium gate

d) stainless steel gate

Out of the 4 different types of gate, wrought iron gate is the most commonly used gate and the mild steel gate is the most modern design available now. 

In the past, mild steel gate shown on the right is installed in HDB. This mild steel gate is painted using wall paint hence needed to be painted after few years.

Currently, BTO HDB flats are using wrought iron gate for their units. Wrought iron gate comes with 4 layer of paint hence is less prone to rust as compared to the traditional mild steel gate.

In the future, mild steel gate with powder-coated finishing will be installed in our HDB BTO flat.

Question 1: Are you a contractor or do you manufacture your own gate in Singapore? 

Ho Ho is a very old company established since 1976. Our founder started off in 1976 at a small metal factory build behind his home. 

In the 1970 to 1980s, Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation not only produce iron gate and does renovation for customers. Now, we have re-positioned ourselves to be the one -stop manufacturer for all gates, door, window and grille needed in the household and commercial units. At Ho Ho, we sell our products to home-owners, interior designers, contractors, government agencies and other procurement agencies.  

Original HDB mild steel gate

Question 3: Wrought Iron Gate Vs. Mild Steel Gate 

Unknown to a lot of customer, mild steel bar is actually the raw material for wrought iron hammer bar. Mild steel bar is put through the hammer machine shown below and wrought iron bar will be created. 

Due to the pattern on the wrought iron bar. Wrought iron bar is also known as hammer wrought iron bar. 

Then which is better you will ask? 

Wrought iron gate is the most commonly used gate in Singapore. However, mild steel gate has recently gain popularity due to the simplistic and modern design. 

As mild steel gate can only take up one layer of paint. It is important to purchase mild steel gate with powder-coated finishing instead of sprayed colour finishing. 

All mild steel gate sold by our company comes in powder-coated finishing.

HDB origial mild steel 4 by 7 feet gate singapore
Machine that produce wrought iron hammer bar
wrought iron gate vs. mild steel gate
Wrought iron gate premium design

Question 4: What are the different design of HDB wrought iron gate available? 

Ho Ho has a total of 5 different series of wrought iron gate available.

Premium Wrought Iron Gate Range 


The premium range compromised of the wrought iron gate that required the most workmanship hence a higher price tag. In the premium range, HH 05 is the most popular design as it comes with different chinese wording. We can customised english and chinese wording for you on your wrought iron gate. 

Wrought iron gate elegance design singapore

Elegance Wrought Iron Gate Range

If you want classic design, elegance range of wrought iron gate is perfect for you. Wrought iron gate orignated from Europe. In Europe, most of the palace gate looks like HH 15 wrought iron gate.


Fengshui Gate 

HH15 wrought iron gate is also commoly known as the Fengshui Gate. The spiral at the top looks like pineapple and symbolise good luck. The ring at the bottom looks like the abacus bead which symbolise in flow of money. 

Wrought iron gate flora and fauna design singapore

Flora & Fauna Wrought Iron Gate Range

Are you a natural lover? If you want to bring nature into your house. the flora and fauna range of wrought iron gate is your optimal option.

Among this range of iron gate, HH17 is the best seller. HH17 gate is perfect if you have dogs or cats at home as your pet will not be able to run out even if you leave your wooden door open.

For HDB owners living in low level, stray cats cannot enter your units too. 

Wrought iron gate stylo design singapore
wrought iron gate simplicity design singapore

Stylo Wrought Iron Gate Range

Are you a lover of abstract design, if you are. The stylo design gate is perfect for you. Among these iron gate, HH28 is the best seller.  

Simplicity Wrought Iron Gate Range

Do you just want a simple gate? If you are, simplicity design wrought iron gate is your best bet. HH34 is the most classic design. 

Stainless steel lock handle on mild steel gate.jpg

Question 5: How much does your wrought iron gate costs? What is the price for the HDB gate? 

After looking at all the beautiful designs, I think you will have one other question in mind. What is the price? 

As promise, we offer you wrought iron gate in unbeatable cheap direct factory price !!! Starting from $499 

For HDB iron gate, there are 2 sizes in the market.

If your wooden door is a single panel for older HDB, your size will be 3 by 7 feet, hence your iron gate will cost $499 to $699 depend on the designs. You can refer to the table below for exact pricing of our wrought iron gate. 

If your wooden door is one small and one big panel, your size will be 4 by 7 feet, hence your iron gate will cost $599 to $799. 

You can refer to the table below for exact pricing of our wrought iron gate. 

Question 6: The price for your HDB gate is so cheap. Are there any hidden cost? 

The answer is no. There are no hidden cost.

The price quoted is net price. No hidden cost. The price include dismantle, disposal of the old gate and installation. The gate comes with 8 sets of keys.

The reason why our wrought iron gate is cheap is because you are buying directly from the manufacturer. 

All our gate are customised made our factory hence you can choose the design you want in the colour you want. 

For colour, please refer to the colour chart below. 

HDB iron gate colour chart
Copper Colour Iron Gate Lock 2.jpg

Question 7: How much does the iron gate accessories cost? 

You can purchase your iron gate will common accessories such as number plate. When you purchase the iron gate from us, you enjoy a 50% discount on the accessories. Number plate on the side panel cost only $30 additional and hanging number plate which is perfect for corridor unit cost only $60 additional.

If you want a upgrade to the stainless steel levered lock, it will cost only $60 additional. 

If you want to upgrade to a digital lock for your gate, it will cost $399 additional only. Our gate digital lock comes with handle, pin, fingerprint and mechanical key access. Our gate digital lock comes in 2 different colour: black / copper colour. Price include installation and 2 year warranty. 

HDB iron gate accessories purchase with purchase cheap price deal
HDB iron gate hanging number plate

Question 8: What are the mild steel gate designs available?

There are different types of mild steel design. Mild steel simplicity design gate like HH 56 to HH 59. 

There are metal plate mild steel gates like HH44 to HH50.


On top of that metal plate can comes in unit number like HH51 and wording like HH60.


Any wording will do. We have done wording like "Welcome" and "Home Sweet Home" and "Lee Family" on our mild steel gate as seen in HH 60 to HH 62. 

HDB mild steel modern metal plate designs
HDB mild steel wire mesh gate singapore
HDB mild steel gate simplicity design

Question 9: Do you have iron mesh mild steel gate?

The answer is "Yes!". We have these iron mesh mild steel gate for cats owner so you can make your gate cat proof.

These mild steel gate also make your home modern and cafe like.

Question 10: What type of mild steel profile are you using for your gate?

The standard mild steel profile for the frame will be 1 by 1 inch and the internal mild steel profile will be 1/2 by 1/2 inch.

If digital lock is installed on the mild steel gate, 2 b 1 inch or 3 by 1 inch frame may be used to ensure sufficient space between the door and gate for digital lock installation

HDB mild steel wording metal plate gate singapore
HDB iron gate in Singapore with trendy mild steel design
mild steel trendy gate design singapore
dog design mild steel gate in singapore
cat design mild steel gate
mild steel cat design gate 2.png
Trendy Mild Steel Driveway Gate in Singapore'.png

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