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Latest Bathroom Door Solution In Singapore
Said Good Bye To Plastic Clip & Latch With Supreme Door 

Are you an ex-user of a slide and swing door which is easily damaged?


If you are, come test our newly design Supreme Door and you will be blown away. 

Supreme Door is newly designed to avoid the down side of older version of slide and swing door in Singapore. The older version of slide and swing door has a latch / clip at the top of the frame that can be easily damaged by guests or children. Due to the design constraint, older version of slide and swing door has to be swing open only when the door is slide to the half way point otherwise the plastic clip and latch at the top will be damaged.

Through feedback from hundreds of customers, we understand that the older version of slide and swing door is difficult to use for children, old folks and guests.


Through research and development, we overcome this constraint by replacing the single roller mechanism with our specially designed concealed series of roller. Our series of roller is designed to withstand 80 kg of weight. Supreme Door is also supported by 3 aluminum hinges at the frame to provide it with extra support hence enhancing its durability.  

With our new Supreme Door, you are now able to slide and swing at any given point. There are no longer any plastic clip or latch that will be easily damaged.



Fear Not! There is No Bottom Track For Our Supreme Door | Slide And Swing Door

Are you looking for tired of cleaning the bottom track of your toilet door?


If you are, the Supreme Door is the best option for you. Its unique slide and swing mechanism does not have a bottom track yet it can support up to 80 kg of weight.

You no longer have to bend down and clean the bottom track of your door.

Supreme Door is also a safer option of elderly. Elderly no longer have to worry that they will trip and fall.

For wheelchair bound users, Supreme Door is a must have in the household as they can enter the house at ease as there will no longer be any barrier at the flooring.

For me, Supreme Door is a blessing as I will no longer have the painful experience of stepping at the door track in the middle of the night when I use the bathroom. 

Looking at the picture, there will be no bottom track for the all new Supreme Door. The black colour portion represent the kerb at your bathroom. For new HDB BTO flat without any kerb, there will be simply nothing on your floor.

Supreme Door creates a safe and pleasant user experience for your loved ones at home. 

Beside Supreme Door's durable mechanism. Supreme Door is also much more quieter as compared to any Bifold Door in the Singapore Market.

You no longer have to fear that you will wake your loved one or neighbours up when you use the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Silent Opening Of Supreme Door - The New Slide and Swing Door
Heavy Duty Roller of Our Slide and Swing Supreme Door

Instead of a normal plastic roller, our slide and swing supreme door use heavy duty roller that can withstand 70 kg of weight. Even with tempered glass panel, our slide and swing supreme door can be slide smoothly without a problem. With the heavy duty roller, our supreme door can definitely serve you and your family members for many years to come. 

Space Saving | Able to open to 180 degree 

Unlike standard bifold door that can only open to 90 degree, our Supreme Door can open till 180 degree giving you an unobstructed opening thanks to our quality aluminium hinges 

Child and Eldery Safety Lockset For Our Supreme Door 

Our supreme door comes with PVC knob lock that can be opened using a coin in case of emergency. 

Scratch Resistance & Easy To Maintain Panel Of Supreme Door 

For the panel of the supreme door, it comes in basic acrylic panel and premium design panel.

Our premium design panel is scratch resistance for easy maintaince. You no longer have to worry that your door panel will be fully of scratches over the year.

Supreme Door (Slide and Swing) Door Panel Design

# Panel 27 currently no stock 

Aluminium Frame Of Supreme Door Will Not Rust

Supreme Door is made of aluminium frame that will not rust in wet environment. 

Supreme door aluminium frame comes in three different colour

  • White frame 

  • Grey frame

  • Black frame (All NEW!!!) additional $80 for standard door size

Slide And Swing Supreme Door Product Video 
Slide And Swing Supreme Door Top 12 Best Seller Design in 2020

You Can Customise The Design For Your Supreme Door 

Supreme Door is manufactured in our factory in Singapore.

Hence you can customised your Slide and Swing Supreme Door to fit your design preference.

You can mix and match the design, panel and frame colours to create a unique bathroom door for your home.

Direct Factory Price of Supreme Door (Slide and Swing)

Supreme Door is the latest toilet and bathroom door solution in Singapore. 

However, the price of slide and swing supreme door is very cheap as you are buying straight from a manufacturer. No middle man involved hence the price of supreme door, slide and swing mechanism can be kept at a level, every Singaporean can afford.

So hurry now, call us to enquiry the price. 

You can visit our factory and showroom located at Kaki Bukit to see our manufacturing and experience this amazing product yourself. 

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