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Classic & Enhanced Bifold Door | Singapore 

Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Classic Bifold Door white frame with white and red panel

Are you searching for an affordable and practical solution for your toilet, bathroom, or kitchen entryway?


Look no further, as Ho Ho presents the Classic Bifold Door - the perfect blend of economy, functionality, and space-saving design.

The Classic Bifold Door features standard guides for both top and bottom tracks, making it a popular and budget-friendly choice for bifold doors in Singapore. It's an excellent option for basic bathroom doors.

For those seeking a higher-quality bifold door, the Enhanced Bifold Door is the ideal choice for your HDB bathroom or kitchen entry. The Enhanced Bifold Door includes heavy-duty rollers for the top track and guides for the bottom track, offering additional support and durability.

The Enhanced Bifold Door can be used for top-hung installation too. 

Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Classic Bifold Door Guide
Classic Bifold Door Guide
For Top and Bottom Track 
Toilet and bathroom door singapore |Enhanced Bifold Door Roller
   Enhanced Bifold Door Roller For Top Track 

There are four colour options for the frame of Classic Bifold Door and Enhance Bifold Door:

  • White-powder-coated aluminium frame (Default)

  • Anodised silver aluminium frame 

  • Anodised bronze aluminium frame

  • Black-powder-coated aluminium frame

Silver, bronze and black powder-coated frame bifold door comes with a slight price premium due to customise order as the demand is lower hence we do not carry ready stock for the material)

classic bifold door Singapore aluminium frame colour option
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Bifold Door Colour Panel 1
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Bifold Door Colour Panel 1
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Bifold Door Colour Panel 1
Bifold Door Panel Series 1 

There are a total of 23 colours options available for the Classic and Enhance Bifold Door.

There are in total two series of colour panel we offer. Most companies offer only series 1 of bifold door colour panel. This is the type of bifold door colour used in older model of bifold door. Under light, you are able to see shadows hence this type of bifold door panel does not offer the much needed privacy for common toilet and bathroom.

However due to our large capacity, we also offer 2 series of bifold door. With our Bifold Door Panel Series 2, even when viewed under bright lighting conditions, you won't be able to see any shadows, ensuring maximum privacy.

The best part is that you will allow you to choose the opaque colour panel at no additional cost. Our founder truely believe in passing down the saving we get from economies of scale to our valuable customers - YOU!

Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Bifold Door Colour Panel 2
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Bifold Door Colour Panel 2

    Bifold Door Panel Series 2 

We offers a choice between two-panel and four-panel design options for our Bifold door allowing homeowners to select the most suitable design for their needs.

Initially as a layman, I was considering the two-panel design for my HDB toilet door as it provided a modern and sleek appearance, such as the HH 203 model.

However, after consulting with our manufacturing expert, I was advised to opt for the four-panel design due to its enhanced durability and additional support provided by the middle aluminium bar for the panels.

Furthermore, the smaller handle on the two-panel design may pose difficulties for elderly individuals when their hands are wet as the handle is smaller hence more difficult to grab. The four-panel design Bifold Door, on the other hand, comes with a wider and deeper handle in the middle, making it more elderly-friendly.

In summary, the four-panel design of our Bifold Door offers superior durability and user-friendliness, making it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking a reliable and functional bathroom door solution.

enhance bifold door singapore 2 or 4 panel design panel
cheap bifold door Singapore design for 2017/2018
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | simple bifold door design 1
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | simple bifold door design 2
cheap toilet door Singapore design | 4 panel bifold door with single colour
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | fushion bifold door design 1
Toilet and bathroom door singapore | fushion bifold door design 2

As seen above, you can mix and match the colours as you wish. 

How to create a customise bifold door for your home?

Step 1: Choose the type of mechanism you want : Classic bifold door or Enhance bifold door

Step 2: Choose 2 panel or 4 panel design 

Step 3: Choose the colour of the aluminum frame you want for your bifold door

Step 4: Choose the colour for the panel

cheap bathroom door Singapore | beautiful and lates garden designs for bifold door singapore

If you find the Classic Bifold Door and Enhance Bifold Door design too plain for your liking, you consider our Designer Bifold door or Premium Bifold Door.

Designer Bifold Door - Top and bottom guide system with 1000 designs options

(cheaper than Premium Bifold Door)

Premium Bifold Door - Top and bottom roller mechanism with 1000 designs options

(Most durable bifold door in Singapore, PSB tested 150,000 cycles opening)

Bifold Door For Kitchen Entrance Door 

Enhance Bifold Door is the cheapest door option for HDB kitchen entrance door. With its heavy duty roller, Enhance Bifold Door does not need to have a bottom track. In other words, Enhanced Bifold Door is a top hung bifold door.

You can also choose clear glass, frosted glass or tempered glass for your Enhanced Bifold Door.

However if you have young children or elderly at home, I will recommend you stick to tempered glass

kitchen entrance bifold door singaore install in HDB flat | white frame with clear acrylic panel
cheap bifold door for HDB kitchen entrance door | bifold door mechanism | top hung bifold door for kitchen entrance
top hung bifold install at HDB BTO flat | bifold door fully openly without bottom track

If your kitchen entrance is wider or taller than the standard size of 90 cm by 210 cm (3 by 7 feet), fixed panel on the top or at the side may be needed. 

kitchen bifold door for tall ceiling | top fixed panel above kitchen entrance bifold door
black colour bifold door with glass panel for open concept kitchen in HDB flat

Regardless if you are looking for toilet door or kitchen entrance door, we have the widest selection of material and mechanism for you to choose from.

Why should you choose Ho Ho?


1) We are HDB licence contractor so rest assured we will follow all HDB rules and regulation

2) Our toilet door and kitchen entrance door are not mass produced one size fit all product, we customized your toilet door to fit your sizes and design preference

3) We manufacture our toilet door so you can be assured that you are getting the cheapest door and you can buy spare parts for your toilet door after many years


So what are you waiting for?


Call us now @67479019 & 96319288 to speak with our friendly staffs and get a very attractive price!

You can also view our samples at our showroom or come visiting our manufacturing facilities. 

Factory that produce our amazing bifold door singapore and toilet door Singapore | Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation Works

Our Factory


Contact Number

67479019 & 96319288



51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace Singapore 416131

Feel free to visit our showroom located at level 2 in our 3 storey factory

Level 1 and 3 are our manufacturing facilities. 


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday :10 am - 5 pm 

Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm

(If you want to come after 12 noon on Saturday kindly call us to check our availability)

Sunday & Public Holiday: Close 

(Do call us as we may have roadshow or exhibition on Sunday and Public Holiday) 

Toilet and bathroom door singapore | Classic bifold door 2
Classic Bifold Door

If your HDB flat or condominium comes with an embedded wooden frame or metal frame or PVC frame, the embedded frame cannot be removed. Removal of this type of embedded frame will affect your flooring and wall.


Hence unless you are doing a overhaul renovation, the original embedded frame will remain and our new bifold door will be install next to your existing frame.

Rest assure installing our new bifold door on your existing frame is 100% safe. During measurement, our staff will check that your original frame is still in good working condition. If not we will advise you to do full removal.

Our new bifold door comes with a new aluminium frame that provide the structure support needed for the bifold door to function smoothly.

As you seen in the picture, having a different colour frame actually give a design to the door.

If you will like your existing frame to match the colour of your new bifold door frame. You can simply paint the original frame yourself.

We will recommend you to paint the original frame before the installation of the new bifold door so you will not paint on your new door accidently

All you need is 3 tools

  • paint brush (a 1 inch paint brush is recommended so it is easy to touch up those edges)

  • masking tape (to protect your wall and toilet door from getting painted)

  • paint (I will recommend Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac)

Painting of original wooden frame of HDB flat
paint recommended to be used to paint HDB original metal and woden frame

Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac is a water-based modified acrylic gloss enamel wood and metal paint.

Why I recommend Nippon Paint Aqua Bodelac for your metal or wooden frame 

  • Quick drying

  • Non-toxic

  • Anti-fungus

  • Easy application

  • Good coverage and hiding power

  • Excellent blocking resistance so it gives you rust protection for your metal frame 

  • Excellent washability

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