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Toilet & Bathroom Door in Singapore HDB & BTO & Condo & Commercial 
Bi-Fold Doors, Slide & Swing Door, Folding Doors, Swing & Sliding Doors 

Toilet Door Singapore by Ho Ho

Searching for high-quality toilet doors in Singapore?


Whether you're facing issues with your existing door or you're setting up your new home in an HDB, BTO, or Condo, you've arrived at the perfect destination.


Welcome to Ho Ho, where unparalleled selection meets factory-direct pricing.


Since our inception in 1976, Ho Ho Doors has evolved into a leading full-service manufacturing hub, offering an extensive range of toilet doors, wooden doors, gates, grilles, and windows tailored for Singaporean homes. We are also HDB licensed and BCA registered company for your peace of mind. 

Ho Ho's factory fabricating toilet door in Singapore
Ho Ho's factory fabricating toilet door in Singapore, panel cutting section
Ho Ho's factory fabricating toilet door in Singapore, worker cutting profile
Ho Ho's factory fabricating toilet door in Singapore, aluminium profile racks storing material
Toilet Door Singapore Black and White Design Bifold Door

Our expertly crafted collection includes aluminium slide and swing doors, aluminium bifold doors, PVC folding doors, aluminium swing door, the sleek aluminium sliding door and many more. 


The doors are designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom spaces.


At Ho Ho, we're committed to providing both supply and installation services, ensuring that your toilet and bathroom door needs are met with the utmost precision and quality.

Dive into our comprehensive FAQ section, where we share common inquiries from homeowners about toilet and bathroom doors.


Gain insights into the advantages and disadvantages of each door mechanism, empowering you to make informed decisions that best suit your home's requirements.

Need personalized assistance? Reach out to our friendly team at 67479019 or connect with us via WhatsApp at 96319288 for expert guidance and answers to all your queries.

Question 1
Toilet Door Singapore Giraffe Design Aluminium Swing Door
Slide and Swing Supreme Door grey frame with floral design in Singapore HDB Bathroom Door

Question 1 : What types of toilet doors should I install in my Singapore's toilet? ​

This question underscores the importance of choosing a door that not only complements the aesthetics of your bathroom but also addresses practical considerations such as space efficiency and noise reduction.

In the space-conscious settings of HDBs and condos, the slide and swing toilet door emerges as the leading trend, offering a seamless blend of functionality and modern design.


From a standpoint of luxury and durability, owners of high-end condos and landed properties prefer the aluminium swing door.

On the other hand, the bifold toilet door remains a staple in the Singapore market, revered for its affordability and longstanding presence.

Premium Bifold Door For Toilet Door in Singapore
Beige colour folding door in toilet singapore by Ho Ho
aluminium glass sliding door for bathroom in Singapore by Ho Ho

At our company, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive array of toilet door solutions, catering to every need and preference. Our product range is comprehensive, ensuring that you'll find the ideal match for your home:

  1. Bifold Toilet Door: A cost-effective and traditional choice.

  2. Slide & Swing | Supreme Toilet Door: The epitome of modern convenience, our bestseller in 2023, renowned for its silent operation and sleek, bottom-track-free design.

  3. Aluminium Swing Door: Durable and stylish, a timeless addition to any bathroom.

  4. Aluminium Sliding Door: Maximizes space while offering smooth accessibility.

  5. Multi Folding Toilet Door (PVC Folding Door): Versatile and space-efficient, perfect for compact bathrooms.

The slide and swing supreme toilet door stands out as the most popular option among Singaporean homeowners, thanks to its quiet operation and innovative design that eliminates the need for a bottom track, thereby easing cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Question 2

Question 2: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each types of toilet doors in Singapore?

Enhanced bifold door installed in Singapore Bathroom by Ho Ho
Marble Design Premium Bifold For Toilet Door In Singapore By Ho Ho
Premium bifold door featuring colourful theme installed in Singapore bathroom by Ho Ho
Premium bifold door with red square design installed in Singapore Toilet by Ho Ho

1. Bifold Toilet Door | Singapore 


Advantages of Bifold Toilet Door​

  • User-Friendly: With a history spanning over two decades, bifold toilet doors are well-known and easy to operate, making them a familiar choice for many.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The price of bifold doors has become more affordable over time, thanks to their widespread popularity and demand.

  • Design Variety: Offering an impressive selection of over 20 colors and 3,000 design panels, these doors allow for extensive customization to fit any bathroom aesthetic.

  • Durability: The aluminium frames of bifold doors are designed to withstand the humid conditions of bathrooms, ensuring they remain rust-free and maintain their appearance over time.

Disadvantages of Bifold Toilet Door

  • Maintenance Requirements: Regular cleaning and lubrication of the plastic guides or rollers are necessary to ensure smooth operation. Accumulation of dirt and debris can lead to sticking or operational difficulties.

  • Accessibility Challenges: The bottom track of some bifold doors might pose accessibility issues for individuals with mobility concerns.

  • Potential for Self-Opening Due to Air Pressure: Changes in air pressure, such as those from air conditioning or opening windows, can cause bifold doors to swing open unexpectedly, which might be inconvenient.

Enhancing Your Bifold Door Experience

To minimize maintenance and improve accessibility, consider upgrading to a premium bifold door, which features heavy-duty rollers and a top-hung design that eliminates the bottom track.


Premium bifold doors also boast a wider array of over 3,000 elegant designs, providing ample choices to enhance your home’s decor.


To prevent unwanted opening due to air pressure, all our premium bifold door now comes with double lock function allowing you to lock the door from outside without any additional cost.


Alternatively, explore our cutting-edge slide and swing supreme door as a sophisticated alternative to traditional bifold doors, offering superior style and functionality for modern living spaces.

Latest Slide and Swing Supreme Door Design in Singapore For Bathroom Door
Supreme Slide and Swing Door For Bathroom in Singapore
Latest Slide and Swing Supreme Door That Will Not Open By Itself Due To Air Pressure

2. Slide & Swing |Supreme Toilet Door

Advantages of Slide and Swing | Supreme Toilet Door 

  • Elderly-Friendly Design: With no bottom track, this door minimizes tripping hazards, making it safe for seniors.

  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of a trackless design, eliminating the need to clean hard-to-reach areas.

  • Superior Operation: Experience ultra-smooth and quiet functionality, thanks to advanced roller technology that outperforms traditional bifold doors.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Unlike competitors, our Supreme slide and swing door lacks a top latch/clip, offering effortless use without compromising on security or style.

  • Stylish and Durable Panels: Our doors feature phenolic panels known for their scratch and water resistance, ensuring durability without shadow effects even in direct light. Choose from over 20 designs in wooden grain, floral, stone, and marble finishes to elevate your bathroom's aesthetics.

  • Corrosion Resistant: The aluminium frame stands up to humid bathroom environments, ensuring your door remains rust-free over time.

Disadvantage of Slide and Swing | Supreme Toilet Door 

  • Premium Investment: Reflecting its high-quality materials and superior design, the Supreme door is priced slightly higher than other options. However, the value it adds in terms of safety, functionality, and style is unparalleled.

Exclusive Promotion on Supreme Doors

Exciting news for homeowners seeking the ultimate bathroom door solution: We are currently offering promotional pricing on our Supreme doors!


Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your bathroom with our sophisticated, high-quality doors. Stock is limited, so hurry to secure your door at this special rate.

Aluminium swing door with customised sand-colored frame and tinted glass for privacy installed in Singapore Condo Bathroom by Ho Ho
Aluminium Swing Door With Phenolic Panel of Black Marble Used in Bathroom Singapore
Aluminium swing door in Singapore with design panel that has wide opening, slient opening, will not rust, easy to clean and many design to choose from

4. Aluminium Swing Toilet Door


Advantages of Aluminium Swing Toilet Door

  • Seamless Integration: Upgrading from a wooden swing door? The aluminium swing door fits perfectly without the need for an additional frame, ensuring a hassle-free transition and maintaining your door's full opening.

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy the convenience of moving in and out discreetly, thanks to its exceptionally silent opening mechanism that won't disturb others, making it ideal for common bathroom.

  • Built to Last: Featuring hinges made from stainless steel or aluminium, this door promises unmatched durability and strength, ready to withstand the test of time.

  • Effortless Maintenance: Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning tracks or rollers. This door's smooth design allows for easy upkeep, keeping your bathroom looking pristine with minimal effort.

  • Customizable Aesthetics: Tailor your bathroom's look with over 20 colour options, 1,000 design panels, and various glass types. Whether you're aiming for a modern, classic, or personalized theme, there's a design for every taste.

  • Corrosion Resistant: Crafted with an aluminium frame, this door stands up to the humidity of bathroom environments without rusting or corroding, ensuring longevity and maintaining its sleek look.

Disadvantage of Aluminium Swing Toilet Door 

  • Space Considerations: The nature of swing doors means they need more clearance to open and close properly. This could be a critical factor in smaller bathrooms or areas where space is at a premium.

  • Higher Price Point: Among the various toilet door options, aluminium swing doors are positioned at a higher price point, reflecting their quality and durability

Despite these considerations, at Ho Ho, we're dedicated to providing you with aluminium swing doors that not only exemplify superior quality but are also priced to reflect their true value. Our commitment is to ensure you receive a product that perfectly balances cost with the benefits of durability, style, and ease of maintenance.

Aluminium Sliding Door With 6.38 mm frosted laminated glass installed in HDB bathroom in S
Toilet Door Singapore Aluminium Sliding Toilet Door that is space saving, easy to use, durable, elderly friendly and stylish
Aluminium sliding door with frosted glass installed in landed properties by Ho Ho

5. Aluminium Sliding Toilet Door


Advantages of Aluminium Sliding Toilet Door

  • Maximizes Space: Ideal for compact bathrooms, aluminium sliding doors offer a sleek solution by sliding parallel to the wall, eliminating the need for swing space and freeing up valuable floor area.

  • Smooth Operation: Enjoy the convenience of a door that slides effortlessly, providing easy access with just a gentle push or pull.

  • Built to Last: Constructed from high-quality aluminium and equipped with durable rollers, these sliding doors are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Safety and Accessibility: With a top-hung mechanism that omits the bottom track, these doors reduce the risk of tripping, making them a safe option for the elderly or anyone with mobility challenges.

  • Modern Aesthetics: Choose from a variety of designs that blend seamlessly with any bathroom décor, from traditional to contemporary, enhancing the overall look and feel of your space.

Disadvantage of Aluminium Sliding Toilet Door 

  • Wall Space Requirements: These doors need adequate wall space to slide open and close, which might not be feasible in all bathroom layouts, particularly in smaller toilet spaces where wall space is limited.

  • Maintenance Challenges: Doors with bottom tracks can be harder to maintain, as these tracks may accumulate dirt and grime. Opting for a top-hung sliding door can alleviate this issue by eliminating the bottom track, making cleaning simpler and more efficient.

Not Suitable for HDB BTO Bathroom

  • Many BTO homeowners aspire to install sliding doors for their modern appeal and space-saving benefits. However, integrating sliding doors without compromising the bathroom's integrity poses a unique challenge. The original door frames in BTO bathrooms are integral to the waterproofing structure, and removing them risks damaging this crucial barrier.

  • When an aluminium sliding door is fitted alongside the existing HDB frame, it may not perfectly align with the wall, creating gaps. Such gaps can lead to inefficient air conditioning, as cool air escapes, impacting both comfort and energy consumption.

  • For HDB BTO toilets with compact layouts, our latest slide and swing Supreme door offers a versatile alternative, fitting seamlessly into smaller spaces without compromising on style or functionality.

  • Additionally, our aluminium swing door presents a premium option for those looking to elevate their bathroom's aesthetics and usability. It's designed to integrate effortlessly with the existing frame provided by HDB, making it a straightforward upgrade for your home.

PVC multi folding toilet door in Singapore by Ho Ho
White folding door in sinapore toilet

6. Multi Folding Toilet Door (PVC Folding Door)

Advantages of Multi Folding Toilet Door​​

  • Cost-Effective Solution: As the most affordable toilet door option on the market, the PVC folding door is perfect for budget-conscious homeowners.

  • Rapid Installation: With the shortest lead time among toilet doors, this option is ideal for those who require a quick upgrade or replacement, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

  • Space-Saving Design: The compact folding mechanism is specially designed for small bathrooms or storage rooms, maximizing your available space without compromising functionality.

  • Maintenance-Free: The absence of a bottom track not only makes it more accessible and safe for the elderly but also eliminates the hassle of cleaning, offering a low-maintenance solution for busy households.

  • Durability in Humid Conditions: Constructed from PVC, these doors are inherently rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, making them perfect for the humid bathroom environment.

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Available in a wooden grain design, these doors provide the beauty of natural wood while benefiting from the durability and moisture resistance of PVC.

Disadvantages of Multi Folding Toilet Door (PVC Folding Door)

  • Noise Level: The operation of the PVC folding door can be noticeably noisier compared to other door types. This characteristic might not suit every household, especially in environments where quiet is highly valued.

Despite this, the demand for PVC folding doors continues to grow, thanks to its reputation as the most compact and space-saving solution available. Homeowners in search of a swift, budget-friendly door solution find the PVC folding door to be an attractive option, balancing its practical benefits with its acoustic drawback.

Question 3

Question 3: What is the price of each types of toilet doors in Singapore for 2024?

  • Bifold Toilet Door: Starting at $299, our bifold doors offer a blend of affordability and functionality, perfect for budget-conscious homeowners looking for a reliable and stylish door solution.

  • Slide and Swing Supreme Toilet Door: With prices beginning at $399, this option brings a modern and sleek design to your bathroom, offering ease of use and enhanced accessibility without compromising on style.

  • Aluminium Swing Door: Starting at $590, our aluminium swing doors are the pinnacle of luxury and durability, making them a great option for homeowners looking to invest in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of their bathroom.

  • Aluminium Sliding Door: Beginning at $690, this premium option offers the ultimate in modern design and functionality, providing a smooth, space-efficient door solution that's both elegant and practical.

  • PVC Multi-Folding Toilet Door: Priced from $268, this door is the go-to choice for those needing a compact, space-saving solution. Ideal for smaller bathrooms, it comes in a standard size of 32 by 84 inches, ensuring a perfect fit for tighter spaces.

Prices are net, inclusive of standard installation and come with a one-year warranty for added peace of mind. Please note, the mentioned prices apply to standard 3 by 7 feet toilet doors, with the exception of the PVC folding door, which is designed to accommodate slightly smaller dimensions.

Price of toilet door in Singapore
Question 4

Question 4: How do I get a quotation for my bathroom door? 

For a tailored quotation, kindly forward us a photograph of your current door, include approximate dimensions, and specify your preferred panel types and designs.

Our expert team is ready to furnish you with a customized quotation and assist you throughout the selection journey, ensuring you discover the ideal door solution for your residence.

For those keen on experiencing our toilet doors firsthand or seeking additional guidance, feel free to drop by our showroom at 194 Pandan Loop #07-07 Singapore 128383.

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 10 to 4.30pm. Sat 10 to 2pm. Closed on Public Holiday and Sunday. 

Do call us as we may have exhibition on Sunday or Public Holiday. 

Please note, our manufacturing facility is not accessible to the public due to safety concerns, but we offer a range of door profiles for viewing in our showroom. For business partner who are interested in the manufacturing process, we can make special arrangement but advance notification is required.

Our welcoming staff is eager to showcase our range, address any inquiries, and offer you a personalized quotation. We're excited to assist you in finding the perfect door for your home at our showroom.

Question 5

Question 5: Why should I buy my bathroom door from Ho Ho?

Marble design premium bifold door that has durable roller and various design to choose from in Singapore
Slide and Swing Supreme Door Most Popular type of bathroom door in Singapore
PVC folding door in white colour located in a stylish Singapore Living room
White Aluminium frame sliding door with modern brown design panel sliding door in Singapore
Aluminum Swing Door in Singapore -3D Design

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Ho Ho for Your Bathroom Door Needs

  1. HDB Licensed and BCA Registered Company: Choosing Ho Ho means partnering with a trusted, licensed HDB contractor who adheres strictly to all regulatory standards, ensuring the safety and quality of your bathroom door installation. Our commitment to compliance guarantees peace of mind and satisfaction.

  2. Established since 1976: With a foundation dating back to 1976, Ho Ho boasts over 47 years of expertise in door manufacturing and installation. Our team consists of highly skilled installers and knowledgeable, friendly sales staff, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to installation. Trust in our longstanding tradition of quality and service for all your bathroom door needs.

  3. Showroom Experience: For those who prefer to explore options in person, our showroom is open for visits. Here, you can see our products firsthand and receive expert advice from our friendly sales team, helping you make an informed decision on the best door type for your bathroom.

  4. Customized Solutions: We stand out by offering a vast selection of door mechanisms and designs, tailored to meet both your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Our experts are dedicated to recommending the perfect bathroom door that aligns with your specific requirements.

  5. Competitive Pricing and Quality: As direct manufacturers, we provide not only competitive prices but also superior quality materials designed to last for years. Should you ever need spare parts or repairs, Ho Ho is here to ensure your door remains in top condition, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability.

Inside Ho Ho's factory in Singapore, a worker meticulously fabricates aluminium swing doors, surrounded by machinery and aluminum profiles on workbenches in a well-organized factory setting
Stacks of aluminium profiles in various colors, including black and silver, wrapped and ready for door assembly at Ho Ho's factory, showcasing the raw materials used in manufacturing high-quality aluminium swing doors in Singapore
Ho Ho's factory Aluminium profile 3 for toilet door
A worker at Ho Ho's factory in Singapore is assembling aluminium frames for swing doors, with shelves of neatly arranged metal profiles and components in the background in Singapore
Workshop scene with a heavy-duty cutting machine for sizing acrylic panels, placed in front of a storage area with various colored acrylic sheets, in Ho Ho's factory in Singapore

Connect with Us Today

Ready to enhance your bathroom with a door that combines style, functionality, and durability?


Contact us at 67479019 or via WhatsApp at 96319288 for more information and to secure an excellent deal on your new toilet door.


At Ho Ho, we're committed to elevating your home with quality, precision, and style.

Question 6

Question 6: How long will it take for my toilet door to be replaced? 

How long does it take to replace a bathroom door in Singapore

Immediate Availability for PVC Folding Doors: For those needing a quick replacement, we offer a range of PVC folding doors that are ready for immediate purchase. This option is ideal if you're looking for a speedy solution without the wait.


Timeline for Other Bathroom Doors: If you're considering our other bathroom door options, such as the bifold, slide and swing supreme door, aluminium swing, or sliding doors, please note that these are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit for your space. Once we've measured your bathroom door, you can expect your new door to be ready in approximately 10 working days unlike during festive season.


Installation Efficiency: The installation of your new door is a swift process, taking about 1 hour per door. Our experienced team ensures a quick and seamless installation, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.


Post-Installation Care: To ensure the longevity and durability of your new door, we recommend avoiding washing the bathroom for 2 to 3 hours after installation. This allows the silicon used during the installation to properly dry and set, ensuring a secure fit.

Question 7

Question 7: What should I use to clean my bathroom in Singapore? 

Maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom door is crucial for both hygiene and the longevity of the door. It's essential to adopt the proper cleaning techniques to avoid any damage to the door's surface.


Here are some effective tips for residents in Singapore on how to keep your bathroom door in pristine condition:​

Mama lemon use to clean toilet door in singapore
wet wipes used to clean toilet door in singapore
  1. Warm Soapy Water: A simple yet effective cleaning solution is warm soapy water. Mix a bit of dishwashing liquid, like Mama Lemon, with warm water. Use this mixture with a soft cloth to gently clean the door, focusing on areas like the handle and hinges. Rinse with clean water afterwards.

  2. Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using strong chemicals such as bleach or abrasive cleaners, as these can harm the door's finish and cause discoloration. Opt for gentler cleaning agents. A good guideline is if it's too harsh for your skin, it's likely too harsh for the door.

  3. Utilize Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes: For a quick and efficient clean, anti-bacterial wet wipes can be very handy. They're great for wiping away dirt and grime while also disinfecting the door, killing off germs and bacteria.

  4. Thorough Drying: Post-cleaning, ensure the door is dried thoroughly to avoid water marks. Wipe off any excess water with a dry, soft cloth and let the door air dry by keeping it open.

  5. Consistent Cleaning Schedule: To keep your bathroom door hygienic and in top condition, regular cleaning is key. The frequency can depend on how often the bathroom is used and the level of moisture present, but aiming for a weekly clean is a good practice.

By following these straightforward tips, maintaining the cleanliness and condition of your bathroom door becomes an easy part of your home care routine. Not only does this contribute to the overall hygiene of your bathroom, but it also ensures your door continues to look great and function well over time.

Question 8

Question 8: How do I prolong the lifespan of my bathroom door?  

To ensure your bathroom door serves you well for years, proper maintenance is key.


Following on from the cleaning advice previously discussed, here are additional tips to prolong the lifespan of your bathroom door:

  • Gentle Usage: Treat your bathroom door with care. Avoid slamming or exerting excessive force when opening or closing it. Such actions can damage the door's hinges, lock, and other components, leading to misalignment and premature wear.

  • Regular Lubrication: Squeaks or creaks when using the door are signs that the hinges or rollers need attention. Applying a lubricant like WD-40 to these parts at least once a year can significantly enhance the smoothness of the door's operation. This simple step helps in preventing rust and ensures that the door functions quietly and efficiently.

WD 40 can be used to lubricate the hinges and roller of your bathroom door so as to prolong the lifespan of your bathroom door in singapore

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