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Laminate Door For Room Door In Singapore 

Are you looking for a new room door for your HDB BTO? 

Are you looking for a very durable room door for your flat? 

Are you a sound-resistance bedroom door to improve your privacy? 

Are you looking for the latest design of bedroom door in Singapore? 

Are you looking for a cheap but high quality bedroom door for your home?

If so, you have landed at the right page and found the right supplier!!!

At Ho Ho, we manufacture and install high quality laminate door for both main door and bedroom door. 

As they manufacture our laminate door in our local factory in Singapore, all our laminate door are made to measure. Hence our laminate door can be customised to different width, height and thickness.

Why is laminate door the best option for your main and bedroom door? 

Laminate door is ideal for your main and bedroom door for the following reasons:

1) Laminate door has a very durable surface. Laminate door is scratch resistance


Unlike classic door, solid nyatoh door and veneer door, laminate door is 100% scratch resistance. In the following video, I will show you exactly how durable is the laminate door surface. 



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