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Spare Parts For Iron Gate

Faculty iron gate lock.jpg

Is your gate lock faulty or rusty?


Are you looking for lock spare parts or lock replacement for your wrought iron or mild steel gate?


If you are looking for iron gate lock repair, you have arrived at the right page.


As a factory manufacturing door and gate, we have all the spare parts you need. Now we are selling quality spare parts that are hard to find at very attractive price. Below see the list below.

We are selling quality iron gate lock from Stelle brand. Stelle brand iron gate lock is widely used in London, Milano and Singapore. Stelle brand iron gate lock comes in 3 different colour as seen below:

1) Copper colour iron gate lock 2) Antique bronze colour iron gate lock 3) Silver colour iron gate lock

It comes with 8 sets of keys and the locking mechanism

Length between the screw hole is 21cm.

Copper Colour Iron Gate Lock 2.jpg
Copper Colour Iron Gate Lock.jpg

When we supply iron gate lock to retail shop, they are selling it at $98 each.

If you come to our factory to buy it directly from us, we are selling it to you at an attractive price of $80.

Instead of paying $98, you pay only $80 and save a total of $18.

Price of Wrought Iron Gate Lock:

Only $80 (Supply only, Self collection)

Wrought Iron Gate Lock 

$160 (Supply and install)

Another option will be to consider digital lock installation for your gate at a unbeatable price of $399

Singgate iron gate digital lock copper c

Digital Lock For Gate - $499 Only (Include Installation, 2 year warranty)

Singgate iron gate digital lock.jpg

You can also replace your faculty iron gate lock with our brand new digital lock

Our metal gate digital lock is suitable for HDB, BTO and condo gate.

Digital lock can be open using 

1) Fingerprint (100 fingerprint)

2) Password

3) Mechanical key (2 keys)

4) Card

5) App

Why our digital lock is better?

1) No more ugly metal box

2) No more remote control. Unlock your gate from inside using password or fingerprint

How to order? 

Call us or Whatapps us at 96319288

Transfer $100 deposit and paid the balance after installation

Stainless Steel Handle For Mild Steel Gate -
$180 (Supply and Install),
$100 (Supply only)

Stainless steel lock handle on gate.jpg

Wrought Iron Gate Flush Bolt 
$40 (Supply Only - 2 pieces)
$140 (Supply and Install - 1 pieces)
$180 (Supply and Install - 2 pieces)

Iron Gate Latch For Singapore.jpg
Iron gate flush bolt.jpg
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