PVC Folding Door Singapore | Aluminium Folding Door Singapore For Toilet & Store & Divider  

What is a Folding Door?

Folding Door is a type of door which opens by folding in many sections.

Folding Door History in Singapore

Folding doors is one of the most traditional door mechanism found in Singapore. In the 1970s to 1990s, folding door is the in-thing in Singapore home decor. During that time, folding door is designed and launched to replace wooden door. Folding door gained its popularity during the 1970s and 1990s as it will not rot and corrode in the wet toilet environment unlike the wooden door in the Singapore's toilet. On top of that, folding door was also much cheaper as it can be produced in bulk and install in a very short lead time. 

What material is Folding Door made of?

Folding doors can be made with many different material. At Ho Ho, we offer folding door made in three different types of material: PVC folding door, aluminium folding door and wooden folding door.

So what is PVC? 

PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride. PVC is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer after polyethylene and polypropylene. In the nutshell,


PVC is a type of plastic that will not rust, rot, corrode in wet environment for toilet hence it is a perfect material used in toilet door.


PVC is also light weight but rigid hence PVC is a durable material. 

Among all the folding door, PVC folding door is the cheapest type of folding door in Singapore. Hence PVC folding door is ideal if you are looking for a cheap toilet door, a cheap divider for your office or maid door.

For more refined look for an open concept kitchen, balcony or study room divider. Aluminium folding door is an ideal choice. 

Aluminium Heavy Duty Folding door 

Aluminium folding door is ideal for the use of balcony door and divider for study room. With the heavy duty profile of 3 inch aluminium frame, aluminium heavy duty folding door can be supported with the top track only. Aluminium heavy duty folding door does not need the bottom track unlike aluminium sliding door.

Aluminium heavy duty folding door comes in different type of panel.

a) acrylic panel aluminium folding door

b) phenolic panel aluminium folding door

c) normal or tinted glass aluminium folding door

d) tempered glass aluminium folding door

e) laminated glass aluminium folding door

Aluminium heavy duty folding door comes in different type of aluminium frame colour. The basic colour of aluminium frame will be silver, bronze, white and black. 

Where can Folding Door be installed in Singapore?

Folding door can be installed in these following location in Singapore:

a) Toilet Door

b) Store Room Door

c) Kitchen Entrance Door

d) Divider in Meeting Room

e) Divider to separate a bedroom in a large living room

f) Divider to separate different patient in a clinic 

Folding Door In Toilet 

Folding Door In Store Room

Folding Door In Kitchen

Folding Door In Meeting Room

Folding Door In Function Room

Folding Door In Indoor Swimming Pool

Folding Door In Office 

PVC Folding Door Colour 

Our Folding Door Model Available Are As Follow:

1. PVC Grey Folding Door (QF 001)

2. PVC Pink Folding Door (QF 006)

3. PVC Dark Brown Folding Door (QF 007)

4. PVC White Folding Door (QF 009)

5. PVC Light Blue Folding Door (QF 010)

6. PVC Light Brown Folding Door (QF 011)

7. PVC Sky Blue Folding Door (QF 012)

8. PVC Beige Folding Door (QF 013)

9. PVC Apple Green Folding Door (QF 015)

10. PVC Oak Wood Folding Door (QF 197)

11. PVC Beige Wood Folding Door (QF 199)

12. PVC Walnut Wood Folding Door (QF 297)

The price of the PVC Folding Door without wooden grain is cheaper than folding door with wooden grain.

Folding Door Mechanism & Component
Folding Door - Advantages & Disadvantages

Folding Door is a perfect door option in different environment because of the following reasons:

a) PVC Folding Door is light hence it can be opened easily for young children and elderly

b) PVC Folding Door does not have bottom track hence elderly will not fall and cleaning is a breeze

c) PVC Folding Door saves a lot of space and is ideal in small spaces like small toilet and small storeroom as PVC multi-folding door is very compact

d) PVC Folding Door is the cheapest toilet door and store room door option as it can be produced in bulk

e) PVC Folding Door can be installed in a very short lead time

PVC Folding Door can be slightly noisy during opening hence PVC folding door has been replaced with aluminium folding door in Singapore in the current time.