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aluminium sliding door singapore | white aluminium frame with green design panel top hung sliding mechanism

Sliding Door In Singapore | Toilet & Kitchen Entrance 

Are you looking for sliding door for your HDB kitchen entrance door or sliding door for your HDB toilet door? 

If you are, you have landed at the right place. At Ho Ho, we provide sliding door in Singapore at the cheapest price with the best quality. We manufacture our sliding door at our own factory in Singapore located at 51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace.

There are 4 different types of Sliding Door in Singapore

  • Aluminum Sliding Door With Acrylic Panel

  • Aluminum Sliding Door With Design Panel

  • Aluminum Sliding Door With Glass Panel

  • Tempered Glass Sliding Door (Frame-less)

  • Wooden Sliding Door 

Out of the 4 types of Sliding Door, aluminum sliding door with acrylic panel is the cheapest and most popular in Singapore. Aluminum sliding door with acrylic panel can be installed in both kitchen and bathroom and is safe for family with young children and elderly. 

Aluminum Sliding Door 
Aluminium sliding door designs in singapore
        SD 1              SD 2              SD 3               SD 4               SD 5               SD 6
Sliding Door Design 
Aluminium sliding door layout option in Singapore

Aluminum sliding door is made of aluminum frame is ideal for toilet door and kitchen entrance door as aluminum will not rust, rot or corrode in wet environment.

We have 4 different colours of aluminum frame available for the aluminum sliding door: silver, bronze, white and black frame for your selection

Among the 4 colours, white colour aluminum frame sliding door is the most popular as it brightens up the environment and goes well with different colour of acrylic panel or glass panel. 

There are two main types of sliding door mechanism:

  • Top and bottom track sliding door mechanism 

  • Top hung sliding door mechanism

The advantages of top and bottom track sliding door is that it is more steady as the sliding door has the support from two track. However, this type of sliding door may not the best type of door for your toilet and kitchen entrance if you have elderly at home or family member using the wheel chair as they may trip and fall. In addition, the bottom track of the sliding door also require cleaning to ensure that the opening remain smooth.

Top hung sliding door for kitchen is better as it require less cleaning attention and safer for elderly. However, top hung sliding door may shake a little when there is strong wind. 


If your home has strong wind and you prefer to have top hung sliding door, I will recommend you get the glass panel sliding door as the weight of the glass panel will make the sliding door more steady

In term of the sliding door panel design we have 5 different types. 


Aluminium Frame Colour 
Colours of aluminium frame available for aluminium sliding door in Singapore
kitchen sliding door singapore cheap price | acrylic sliding door with white aluminium raeand blue acrylic panel
Aluminium sliding door black frame with
Aluminum Sliding Door With Acrylic Panel 

Aluminum sliding door with acrylic panel is the cheapest type of sliding door in Singapore. Aluminium sliding door with acrylic panel is suitable for house with young children as it will not break easily. 

There are over 20 different colours of acrylic panel. Beside for the colour acrylic panel, we also have textured acrylic panel that allow light to shine through but provide you with the much needed privacy. Textured acrylic sliding door is best used for divider sliding door in kitchen or study room.  


You can mix and match the 4 different aluminum frame colour with 6 different types of sliding door design and different panel options for endless possibility. 

Acrylic Panel Colour For Sliding Door 
Acrylic panel colour option for aluminium acrylic sliding door singapore
New opaque acrylic panel colour for aluminium acrylic sliding door singapore
texture acrylic panel used in sliding door singapore
Aluminum frame sliding door with acrylic
Aluminum frame sliding door with acrylic
lattice sliding door.JPG
Aluminum Sliding Door With Textured Acrylic Panel (4 panel sliding with 2 track)
Silver aluminum frame with clear tree bark panel and SD 4 designs 
Aluminum sliding door with texture acryl
Aluminum sliding door with texture acryl
aluminium sliding door singapore floral latest design
Aluminum Sliding Door With Design Panel 

If you do not want just a plain colour panel but more design to spice your house up.

You can select design panel for your sliding door. 

Our design panel is

  • Scratch resistance

  • Water resistance

  • Heat resistance

  • Termite resistance

The design panel used for our sliding door is same as the one you used for our premium bifold door.

To view the full range of design, click here the 11 series of design brochure you have

Click at the black box below to download the design brochure

Aluminium Sliding Door With Glass Panel 

There are two main types of glass panel used for sliding door

  • standard glass

  • tempered glass

Tempered glass is known as safety glass. Unlike standard glass, which can shatter into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. 

In Singapore, standard glass is used for aluminum frame sliding door with glass panel and window as there is an aluminum frame to protect the glass.

For frame-less glass sliding door, 10 mm tempered glass is required for safety reason. Do note that in Malaysia, 8 mm tempered glass is the market standard hence you need to be mindful when purchasing from interior designer or contractor who source from Malaysia.

For standard glass, we have 8 different types of colours and textures 

  • clear glass (G1) 

  • blue tinted glass (G2)

  • green tinted glass (G3)

  • tea tinted glass (G4)

  • light tinted glass (G5)

  • dark tinted glass (G6)

  • mislite glass (G7)

  • nashiji glass (G8)

You can mix and match the 8 different types of glass with the 4 different aluminum frame colour and 6 sliding door design panel to create the perfect sliding door to complement your home decor.

glass sliding door singapore for HDB toilet | black aluminium frame with nashiji and tea glass
clear glass for kitchen sliding door singapore
blue tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
light tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
dark tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
green tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
mislite glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
tea tinted glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore
nashiji glass for kitchen glass sliding door singapore

Aluminum Sliding Door (Multiple Panels)

Beside single panel sliding door, we also have multiple panel sliding door.

Multiple Panel Sliding Door can be used in these locations:

  • Glass Sliding Door For Balcony (HDB & Private)

  • Glass Sliding Door For Kitchen Entrance

  • Glass Sliding Door For Main Entrance For Landed Properties

  • Glass Sliding Door For Study Room

We have different number of panel for our sliding door: 2 to 6 panels sliding door as seen in our installation photos.

Our glass sliding door operate in 2 track and 3 track sliding mechanism.

As below, 6 panel sliding door with 3 track gives you 67% opening.

Sliding door can also be installed at L shape opening. 

Beside the 4 basic frame colour, sliding door frame can also be powder-coated to the colour you desire. We have a red frame sliding door specially manufacture for a stylish kitchen entrance door. 

Balcony Sliding Door | Aluminum Frame With Glass 

For balcony, aluminum sliding door is the optimal choice as it has a bottom track to prevent the rainwater from flowing into the house and it is weather resistance. 

For balcony, we do not recommend wooden or frameless sliding door as for larger size sliding door, aluminum sliding door is the most durable option.

Due to the size of the balcony, balcony sliding door can be 3 panel, 4 panel or 6 panel.

For 3 panel sliding door in 3 tracks, you will have 2/3 opening space when it is fully opened.

For 4 panel sliding door in 2 tracks, you will be 1/2 opening space when it is fully opened.

For 6 panel sliding door in 3 track, there will be 2/3 opening space when it is fully opened.

If your sliding door exceed the standard 2.1 metre, top fix panel will be needed.


This is because full height sliding door will not be able to fit the lift and it will be too heavy for the roller hence the roller will not last as long. 

Aluminium black frame sliding door with
black sliding door for balcony.jpg
white sliding door.jpg
Kitchen Sliding Door & Study Room Sliding Door 
sliding door with design.JPG
Living Room Sliding Door As Divider
Living room divider with aluminum slidin
2 panel sliding door.JPG
Penthouse Sliding Door 
Sliding door before photo.jpg
Penthouse aluminum sliding door with win
Aluminum silver frame sliding door with
kitchen sliding door singapore price | top hung sliding door singapore
Sandplast Tempered Glass Sliding Door Concealed Track
top hung sliding door singapore | 10 mm clear tempered glass sliding door in HDB kitchen
Clear Tempered Glass Sliding Door 
Frame-less Glass Sliding Door 

Among all the sliding door in Singapore, frameless glass sliding door is the most modern and the "in-thing" in the Singapore home decor landscape.

For tempered glass sliding door, we have clear tempered glass and sandplast tempered glass.

For kitchen entrance, clear tempered glass sliding door is optimal as it will make your kitchen looks brighter by allowing light from the living room to shine into the kitchen. With the clear tempered glass, care-givers can also keep an eye at the young children while they are cooking in the kitchen.

For toilet and bathroom, sandplast tempered glass sliding door is ideal as sandplast tempered glass provide the privacy that clear tempered glass door does not.

Most interior designers love to include frameless sliding glass door into the home decor as the frameless sliding glass door make the home more spacious and give it a contemporary look.

In term of price point, frameless sliding glass door may not be the cheapest option.

If you have young children or pets at home, your may think twice before getting the frameless glass sliding door for your household. This is because even though tempered glass is much stronger as compared to standard glass, tempered glass is still very vulnerable at its edge. 

Hence if there is a small toys at the floor and the sliding door was slided close, the hard toy will hit the edges of the tempered glass sliding door and the glass panel will be broken into small pieces. 

Wooden Sliding Door 

Wooden barn sliding door is the latest door trend in Singapore. The wooden barn sliding door give your home a rustic country look that some owners love.

However, wooden barn sliding door may not be suitable as it will corrode in the wet toilet environment. Hence unless you have a very big toilet or install a shower-screen, the wooden sliding door may not be best option. 

wooden barn sliding door in Singapore HDB BTO toilet

Get your toilet and kitchen entrance from us and you will never regret it. You have the widest range at direct factory price.

Feel free to call us or visit our showroom cum factory if you have any further question. You can also email us your questions.

Telephone: 67479019 / 96319288


# If you are getting the sliding door for your kitchen, kindly provide us with a rough dimension so we can quote you accordingly. 

Ho Ho Enginering and Renovation Works Factory that provides sliding door in Singapore

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