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Unbelievable Bathroom Door Featuring Famous City All Around The World

Premium bathroom door Singapore featuring famous city all round the world

Do you wish to live in one of the famous city around the world. Be it Paris, Amsterdam or New York. You may not be able to realise your dream immediately but you can definitely surround yourself with the image of these amazing city everyday. Simply install one of these awesome premium bathroom door featuring global city icon in your home today.

These premium bathroom doors not only have a stunning design, they are extremely durable too. These premium bathroom bathroom doors comes in durable roller which have been through 150,000 cycles of usage tested by PSB. These premium bathroom also comes with alloy lock instead of the standard plastic lock.

These amazing premium bifold door can be all yours at a mind blowing price of only $328. All cost included.

Wait no more and call us at 67479019 and bring one of these breathtaking chinese art design premium bifold door back to your home now.

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