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What to use to clean the toilet and bathroom door (Singapore)? | Bifold door Singapore

After sharing information about the bifold door and toilet door mechanism and design in my website, some of my customers and readers asked me via email or in person this question, " what should I use to clean my toilet and bathroom (sliding, bifold door)?

I am being asked this question so many time that I feel that I should share this information in my blog so it will benefit my customers and homeowner in Singapore.

Toilet and bathroom is the most frequently utilised part of the house hence toilet and bathroom required the most cleaning.

What should I use to clean my toilet and bathroom door? Here are some tips!

Aluminium bifold door are made of aluminium framed and acyrlic and design panel so you cannot use strong chemical to clean the toilet and bathroom door or else. The colour of the frame and panel will change.

Dont use the following product to clean your toilet and bathroom door regardless how dirty it is.

Clorox and Mr Muscle detergent are widely used by our mother and auntie to clean the toilet and bathroom but they are too strong and may hurt the surface of the toilet bifold door.

The rule of the thumb will be to clean your toilet and bathroom door (bifold door or sliding door) with cleaning product that is mild enough for your hand e.g. hand soap. If your are using a sponge and a cloth during the cleaning, make sure you are new or clean and do not have any dirt or small stones in it or else it will scratch your door leaving the surface rough.

My personal favourite is to use wet wipe to clean the toilet and bathroom door. It works perfectly for sliding and bifold door (Singapore). Give it a try and you will find how easy and convenience it is.

I will be covering "how to maintain the roller of the bifold door (singapore) ?" in my later post. Stay tuned.

Feel free to email me any questions about kitchen entrance, toilet and bathroom door and I will try my best to answer them. If I do not know the answers, I will ask expert in my company for them. Believe me we have alot of expert here in Ho Ho since we are a company with over 30 years of experience :)

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