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Toilet & Bathroom Door Singapore | Harmony Bifold Door Singapore

There is a chinese saying that goes, "Family harmony will bring prosperity along with it".

I cannot agree more with it. Indeed, everyone value harmony. Research has shown that pastel colour will help people destress and calm one's temper. With this inspiration in mind, our designer use soft colour and cheerful element to create this harmony inspired bifold door for homeowners in Singapore.

My personal favourite is JU 156039. My favourite colour is yellow and the 2 little birds is so cute and colourful. How can any lady resist it? What is your favourite?

Install one of these 8 harmony theme bifold door in your kitchen entrance, toilet and bathroom will definitely brighten the home and make your family feel fresh everyday.

A small change that can create a big difference.

What are you waiting for? Install of these bifold door in your toilet or bathroom today!

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