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Toilet & Bathroom Door Singapore | Feel Fresh Bifold Door Singapore

Almost everyone lead a busy and stressful lives in Singapore, regardless if you are a student or working adult. Almost everyone can relate to the feeling of tiredness even after a night of sleep.

To brighten our door, selection of a toilet, bathroom or ktichen entrance door is important.

These 8 bifold door design is designed to brighten your day and make you feel fresh for the day of challenges ahead of you.

With a blend of nature and japanese element, this 8 designs will be the focus point of your home decor.

My personal favourite is JU 156073. The bright red colour contrast with the white background look perfect against the white wall of toilet and bathroom.

If you have any comments or ideas of any design you are looking for, kindly comment below and we will try our best to design one bifold door in our next series for you.

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