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Toilet & Bathroom Door Singapore | Abstract Designs Bifold Door Singapore

After sharing in the last post, our new chinese art inspired bifold door for toilet and bathroom, we received email from readers telling us the following: "I love art, abstract art not chinese art!"

Of course, we understand that. Now are some abstract art inspired bifold door for toilet and bathroom door for our howeowners in Singapore.

For abstract art lover, we have the 6 following abstract art design inspired bifold door seen on the right for your toilet and bathroom. Having an abstract art inspired bifold door in your toilet and bathroom will definitely spur your creativity.

The abstract art bifold door will allow you to think out of the box and breaking out of the established pattern. The addition add the modern edge to your home decor.

These abstract art inspired bifold door comes at a much cheaper price as compared to the art pieces you can purchase at the art gallery. The best thing of all, they serve as a toilet and bathroom door not just a decorative piece of art.

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