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Make A Statement To Your Visitor With Our All New Bold Design Bifold Door Designed For Singapore

Singapore is often describe as nice and safe by foreigners. To people with families, our low crime rate and nice environment is a draw to them. To the younger crowd, Singapore is often described as boring.

Foreigners see Singapore as a standard city with a short history, no nature landscape and citizens that are too law abiding.

My foreigner friends often describe Singaporeans like me as obedient citizens who is boring and predictable.

However, I do not agree with them that Singaporeans are boring. We have unique personality too. It is just that being Asian, we tend to think as a group and make safe choice so to achieve a greater common good. We tend to worry a little to make a loud statement as they fear that it may draw unwanted attention.

Inspired that this notion, 12 daring bifold door designs are created. Install one of these bifold door at home if the statements and designs reflect who you are as a person. Unlike other bifold door designs we have launched earlier, these bifold door designs are loved by some but hated by some as they are loud and bold.

Home is our safe heaven where you can express your true identity. So if you think tatto is too painful on your skin. Tatoo your door, I assure you, your door will not feel the pain. Sorry for such a bad joke!!!

These 12 daring brand new bifold door designs for Year 2017 are available in two type of mechanism.

Designer bifold door, the choice of designer as the price is cheaper. Designer bifold door sale price at $259 now. Net price include installation

Premium bifold door, the most durable bifold door in Singapore now. Premium bifold door comes with top and bottom heavy duty roller than are PSB tested for 150,000 cycles, top notch quality.

These cool design combined with the best quality mechanism of premium bifold door can be yours at a crazy cheap price of $298 now. Net price include installation

What are you waiting for? Express yourself with one of these unique design bifold door.

Install of one of these bifold door which is perfect for toilet, bathroom, storeroom and kitchen entrance door.

Call us at 67479019 or 96319288.

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