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Not Sure What Colour To Use In Your Home Decor. Cool Grey Is The Ideal Choice For Your Bathroom, Kit

Cool Grey Bifold Door Design For Singapore Home | Toilet Door Singapore

If you are unsure what colour to use for your home decor, you are not alone. Many homeowners in Singapore are having the same problem. Including your favourite colour into the home decor maybe what most homeowners have in mind.

However, this is not ideal if your family members have very diverse colour preference. Hence using neutral colour theme as the base colour and using your favourite colour to spice things up is the way to go.

Example of neutral colour that will not go wrong include white, black, grey and brown.

If you think white and black are too extreme, try grey colour instead. Grey colour is the intermediate between white and black. Grey colour will give off just the right balance.

Gray colour can be used in home decor to create a subtle and sophisticated look for your home. Gray is also the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom.

Grey Geometric Bifold Door Design For Singapore Home | Bathroom door Singapore

Ho Ho has designed 9 cool grey bifold door design for your home. In these 9 designs of bifold door, we combine grey colour with floral and geometric element to give you the modern and sophisticated look that will give your home decor a boost.

You no longer have to use boring colour for your toilet bifold door. You can use these 9 cool designs to give add personality to your home.

These 9 brand new bifold door bifold door designs are available in two types of mechanism.

Now at direct factory price promotion

Guide mechanism designer bifold door now are $259 each. Net price include installation

Roller mechanism premium bifold door now are $298 each. Net price include installation

Call us now at 67479019 to give your toilet, bathroom or kitchen entrance door a boost !!!

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