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Toilet & Bathroom Door Singapore | Timeless Design Bifold Door Singapore

After receiving some emails from my reader, I found out that my previous impression was partly wrong. There are alot of men out there looking for design bifold door for their bathroom and toilet door in Singapore.

So after the motorcycle inspired bifold door design, here is many timeless design of classic black and white for my dear customers.

If you like your bathroom and toilet entrace to look brighter, the top four bifold door desigs will be ideal. If you dont mind your entrance to be slightly darker and want your toilet and bathroom door singapore to look cool, the bottom four bifold door design will be perfect for you.

My personal favourite is EK 156053. Why? No particular reason for it. When the designer passed the design to me, I just like it. That explains why it is the first designs on display.

The 8 timeless design of bifold door is a collection of design that will surely portrays the concept of modern minimalism. Hope you like them.

If you are looking for designs bifold door for your toilet and bathroom door in Singapore, stay tuned for more designs ideal !

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