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Toilet & Bathroom Door Singapore | Luxury Design Bifold Door Singapore

Our home is the place we spent alot of time. Today, Singaporean homeowners wants more than just a simple door that can be locked and divide their toilet and bathroom from their room. Singaporeans homeowners want their toilet and bathroom doors to complement their home decor.

With a slight premium in price, homeowners can now own a high quality bifold doors for their toilet and bathroom with the designs that suit their taste.

In the following post, we will be display our latest design of bifold available to homeowners in Singapore. Stay tuned

For homeowners who love art & luxury designs, purchasing an artist painting is ideal but may not come cheap.

How? How can they include the desired look into their beloved home.

The solution is to buy premium bifold doors for their toilet and bathroom as premium bifold doors function both as a door and an excellent backdrop to the home decor.

For Chinese Art lovers, they have the 4 lotus design bifold door seen above. Lotus is a popular as it symbolise family peacefulness and happiness. The designs is peaceful and give the home a zen look.

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