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Bring Winter To Your Home In Singapore With Brand New Winter Theme Bifold Door

Winter Theme Bifold Door Design in Singapore 2017

Singapore is no doubt my favourite country in the world. I can say that with confidence as I have traveled to many countries in the World.

You named it, I have been there. I been to more than 10 countries in Europe, 7 cities in Amercia (USA), Japan, Korea, 10 cities in China, Australia and South east Asia countries.

As a student I used to think that countries like Germany, USA and Canada is much better than Singapore. I was lucky to be given a chance to spend a Semester each at Cologne, Germany and London, Canada courtesy of NUS (National University of Singapore). I chose to go there as I always consider Germany and Canada to be more developed than Singapore, better for living than Singapore.

I was happy I was wrong. Our sunny little island is much better. Cheap and delicious foods are easily available, we have much lower crime rate here in Singapore - no beggar on the street or refugees from the Middle East.

Having said all, there is one thing I missed about my stay in Germany and Canada. The thing I missed is the cold weather.

Singapore will be perfect if we have 4 seasons here.

Specially now, Europe and Canada are picture perfect with nice snow.

But fear not, now we can bring Winter into our home in Singapore.

I have specially design winter theme bifold door for you, fellow Singaporeans.

Install one of these winter theme bifold door at your home kitchen, storeroom and bathroom and you will feel cooler instantly the moment you see it.

Winter Theme Bifold Door Design in Singapore Home 2017

In these winter theme bifold door design, we use cool blue colour, the element of snow and tree so to bring nature to your home.

Regardless if you are living in a HDB flat, condominium or landed properties, adding one of these unique design bifold door into your home will instantly add the much needed coolness to it. These bifold doors are suitable to be installed in toilet, bathroom, storeroom or kitchen entrance door.

So, what are you waiting for?

Call us and order one of these bifold door.

These new bifold door designs are available in two mechanism at unbelievable price today.

Direct Factory Sale

Or Premium Bifold Door At $298 each

Net price include installation.

Call us now at 67479019 or 96319288

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